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Keep up the good work man πŸ™‚ I have made a lot of coins because of you. As for my latest and biggest investment, I bought 20 Bernardeschi OTW around 42k each and I’m not too sure what to do, should I sell him before a Juventus game for about 8k profit each or sit on it until he gets an inform? I’m literally using my fitness team for squad battles and weekend league at the moment and it’s hurting my result. Thanks man


Out of interest when did you manage to pick him up at 40k each? I’m struggling to understand the right time to be looking for these players


Stu use futbin. You can monitor player prices then you’ll now. The best time to buy OTW players is after their weekend match if they performance was mediocre or even worse.


I picked them up after the Italy matches, because Bern didn’t play in any of the Italy games hes price was specially low, and that’s when I made my attack πŸ™ƒ