Marquee Matchup Predictions

Back from the international break and we have some huge matches in store for Marquee Matchup predictions. Quite a few top club matchups to choose from, so the key is to identify what you want to invest in early.

Arsenal v. Tottenham

Two major clubs squaring off from the EPL could provide a great option for a MM. I love both backup GK’s as options here, particularly Ospina, as well as Per Mertesacker. If you’re looking for a rare card to target, perhaps Eric Dier would be a viable investment opportunity.

Real Madrid v. Athletico Madrid

This is a heavy favorite in my opinion to get chosen for a MM this coming week. Similar to the Arsenal v. Tottenham matchup, I love both backup GK’s as your best options to invest in to produce a great return.

Roma v. Lazio

The Rome Derby provides a great matchup here and a closer look gives us a fantastic option to invest in. I like the RB from Lazio, Dusan Basta as the best option. He is the only gold RB, a rare gold, and one of just two options at RB for Lazio.

Gornik Zabrze v. Legia Warsaw

A matchup of the 1 and 2 in the table from the Ekstraklasa league here. For investment opportunities, turn to the LB Michal Koj and the RM Damian Kadzior from G. Zabrze as your best options.

Monterrey v. Tigres

Another 1 v. 2 matchup here in La Liga Bancomer. This is a heavy favorite in my opinion to get chosen as it is also “Clasico Regiomontano”, a derby of crosstown rivals. My best pick for an investment here is LB Leonel Vangioni of Monterrey. Another option here is LB Alberto Acosta from Tigres.

Istanbul v. Galatasaray

Istanbul v. Galatasaray give us yet another 1 v. 2 matchup, this time from the Turkish League. I like Gael Clichy, the LB from Istanbul here as a first choice investment. Another viable option here is Koray Gunter, the CB from Galatasaray.

SK Sturm Graz v. Red Bull

The final MM prediction here is another matchup between the top clubs of the Austrian League. For the reason of limited selection at the position, I like the option of investing in both LM’s from SK Sturm Graz.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on investment options and who you think will be chosen for Marquee Matchups this coming week. Please share your comments and take the poll below!

Who do you think will be chosen for Marquee Matchups?

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Hi chief!

i have 130k, how much do you recommend investing in MM and is arsenal vs tottenham most likely to be picked or is the order above random?

Thanks in advance


I picked Istanbul vs Galatasaray. EA is hyping this league and now look on players in Galata – Muslera, de Jong, Mariano, Gomis, Feghouli. The same Istanbul – Clichy, Elia, Frei, Adebayor. I think they will choose it


Thanks for the advice! amazing website btw


Man you are cool. I really appreciate what you do. Your page looks fucking awesome clearly and it’s cool. I really like you and this page πŸ™‚


If you want help with page or testing something in fifa let me know I really want help you with this project πŸ™‚


Hi chief, two questions, the first it’s about the marquee, how many teams you recomend invest in? and how many players?
And the second one,i ‘ts about best transfer list’s,my account didn’t up and i can’t get the reward, i have another option for take it? i’ts so good for this trade have more spaces…
And great job about the web,im a fan!


Btw can you show your squad and how many coins u have? πŸ˜€


Nice πŸ™‚ im going now for aubameyang