Investing Opportunity: IF Clint Dempsey

I’m a big fan of this investment for two reasons:

  1. Black Friday is only a week away, and with it often comes loads of SBCs. It is probable that one of those SBCs will require an IF – and most likely a high rated one. As Dempsey is 82 rated, he is a perfect candidate if that were to happen.
  2. The MLS season is coming to a close, and when it ends we will get a MLS MVP SBC. Earlier this year, informs from the Allsvenskan league shot up with the Allsvenskan MVP SBC. Even if the challenge doesn’t require Dempsey, his price will rise in the hype leading up to it.

If you can get him for less than 13k, I think Dempsey is a great buy.



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Chief i have 65k left from MM investing. do you think i should spend it all on dempsey or save some? Thanks in advane. love the webite


Would the 85 Granqvist be a good investment?