Team of the Week 10 Predictions

Recapping the top performances of the week/weekend and venturing some guesses of who will earn a spot in Wednesday’s Team of the Week.




Player: Mohamed Salah

Reason: The Egyptian forward continued his hot streak this weekend after scoring 2 goals in Liverpool’s 3-0 victory over Southampton. If he makes TOTW 10, his OTW card will increase in price as well.








Player: Eden Hazard

Reason: Chelsea stomped West Ham over the weekend winning 4-0. Hazard was responsible for 2 of those goals and also earned the MOTM honor with a 9.81 rating on Whoscored.






Shkodran Mustafi

Reason: The German CB came to play in Saturday’s North London derby. Scoring both a goal and helping Arsenal hold a clean sheet, expect him to be get his 2nd inform of the year.








Player: Paul Pogba

Reason: With a goal and an assist in Man United’s 4-1 win against Newcastle, Pogba will likely make it in TOTW 10. EA likes to stack their TOTW before big events, and Pogba would be a crowning jewel that FIFA players everywhere will hope to pack.








Player: Callum Wilson

Reason: Netting a hat trick for Bournemouth on Saturday, the speedster from England is primed to claim his first TOTW of the year.







Javier Pastore

Reason: The Argentinian midfielder responded well after EA gave him a Path to Glory card. With both a goal and an assist, it is looking likely that he will get both an inform and PTG upgrade.








Player: Arturo Vidal

Reason: Vidal played impressively in Bayern’s 3-0 victory against Augsburg, scoring both a goal and dishing out an assist for the Bundesliga powerhouse.








Player: Daniel Brosinski

Reason: The German fullback helped hold a clean sheet and scored a goal for Mainz, earning him a MOTM and likely earning him a spot in TOTW 10.








Player: Luis Suarez

Reason: Suarez broke a cold streak by scoring a brace in Barcelona’s 3-0 victory against Leganes.








Player: Matthijs de Ligt

Reason: Ajax absolutely destroyed NAC Breda 8-0 on Saturday, and de Ligt contributed 2 goals to their victory.








Player: Emannuel Adebayor

Reason: In their big match against Galatasaray, Adebayor scored a hat trick to help lead Basaksehir to a 5-1 victory.







Player: Max Kruse

Reason: Earning a rare rating of 10.0, the German international was the star in Bremen’s 4-0 victory over Hannover. He contributed to every goal they scored – 3 goals and 1 assist.








Player: Roberto Soldado

Reason: The Spanish striker played only 29 minutes for Fenerbahce, but that didn’t stop him from knocking in a hat trick over the weekend.





To say this TOTW will be stacked would be a massive understatement. With lightning rounds Friday, expect EA to include many of these stars to encourage people to open as many packs as possible.



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I read something on twitter saying buy first informs when they release (low price) and sell when they go back, should I try w/ Mustafi?


Is there going to be a market crash on Friday? Should i sell players and buy them back during the crash?


You might have the rating wrong for updates.
As far as I recall 75-77 will get an 81 update card
78-79 will get an 82 card
80 wil get 83
81-82 will get 84 update card
83 will get 84
84-85 will get 86 update card
And from there on each upgrade will be 1 point up.
Not 100% sure, but I’m 100% sure than any gold card will have his in form 81 or more rated.