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In case you haven’t noticed, there is a pattern to when posts are put up on the site. Here is the schedule:

TOTW PredictionsMarquee MatchupsTOTWSB Rewards Watch List
OTW FixturesQ & AMM Predictions
PTG Fixtures

These posts all seem to be of interest to you guys. I am curious, though, if there is another weekly topic we could have on Thursdays or Fridays. I have tried a Thursday Brag Thread, but that didn’t seem to gain much traction. If you have any ideas, feel free to shout them out. Otherwise, I’ll post some of my own ideas below!

  • Throwback Thursday Reposts – resurfacing some old trading/investing tips and strategies from the archives of the site
  • Thursday Brag Thread – a place to gloat about investments, flips, pack openings, weekend league/squad battle success, or anything else related to FUT
  • Player Review Fridays – highlighting an OP card in FIFA with player breakdowns and in-game clips
  • Friday Squad Thread – to show off your squad or ask for advice on how to improve it
  • Saturday/Sunday Top Performers (for TOTW) – listing players who scored or assisted in their league fixtures and be in the TOTW discussion

What weekly post addition would you like to see on the site?

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Chief, i wanted to vote Player Review Fridays and Saturday/Sunday top performers but could vote only one.
As a suggestion, it would be really helpful if you could put a suggested maximum buy for the TOTW of that particular week


Another idea is to set a threshold (or maybe a couple) and each week display what quality squad that buys you. It would be interesting to see the gradual changes, and could provide insight once next years game comes out.


Yes i think it’s a good idea! And maybe was interesting too up some competitive squad for play squad battles!


Goal of the week
A weekly top 10 of players who increased and decreased in value
Maybe on mondays you can try to agree on a price for players in the marquee tuesdays , so that we can all profit the most.


I want it all!