TOTW 21 Investment Watch: Jardel

Target Price:ย 14,000 coins or less

Reasoning:ย Prime Icon SBCs have made for high rated informs to hold constant value. Brazilian CB Jardel from TOTW 21 is my favorite look this week for a short term hold. He links well with other high rated cheap Brazilians (Miranda, Thiago Silva) and as he is submitted in SBCs his supply will decrease, making his price increase. I’d expect his price pattern to act similarly to IF Thomas from TOTW 19.

Skepticism:ย Part of the reason Thomas might have risen is because of OTW SBCs – they require an inform. That most likely won’t happen in Jardel’s case unless EA releases SBCs for Lunar New Year next week.

Also, Jardel doesn’t play in as strong of a league as Thomas (Ligue 1 v. Liga NOS).

Lastly, coins might be better spent buying high rated IF players from TOTW 22 during Lunar New Year next week. With so many packs being opened, their prices could drop to points where it would be irresponsible not to purchase.

I realize that Jardel might not be the most profitable card to buy. However, part of the purpose of this site is to teach you guys how to think when gauging the risk/reward of an investment. That way, you can make your own decisions in regards to trading.



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So I bought some and when can I sell it?


Should I sell him now or wait?