St. Patrick’s Day Investments

Each year, EA celebrates St. Patrick’s day with pack promotions and new special cards. With the advent of SBCs in FIFA ’17, they also released challenges tied to the event, and we can expect they will do the same this year.

Who to Invest In

The image above (courtesy of FUTBIN) shows the cheapest gold Irish players on market. I like Shane Long as an investment because he is rare, meaning he has a discard value of 608 coins; a non-rare 76 has a discard value of only 304 coins. That being said, I really don’t see any of these players going down leading up to the event on March 17th. As long as you sell in hype a couple days beforehand, you will make profit.

As all of these players hover 800 coins, a good way to get them is through sniping or bidding using the filter Gold – Ireland – Max BIN 800 coins. I have added it to the Sniping Filters page.



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Hey Chief.

When do you think that I should sell of my Moses, Lecomte and Carvalho investments?


Great! Thanks man, love the page and your twitter. You deserve waaay more recognition and followers.


Sup chief
Picking up a few Irish players using the filter, struggling to get any Shane longs.. what’s the max I should invest In him for?


Cool, just need some money to invest… I have all my money in guedes sif… any leaks about rating refresh?