Upgrade Jonas Investment

Player:ย Jonas

Target Price:ย 3,200 coins

Reasoning: As an 84 rated player, Jonas will always have value for SBCs. He is currently one of the cheapest players on the market for his respective rating, so this will cause him to hold his price. In addition, there is an EXTREMELY limited supply of him – this card was only released on Monday for the Ratings Refresh. In previous upgrade situations like this (where a recent upgrade got a TOTW, forcing him out of packs), the players shot up in price. For example, take a look at Milinkovic-Savic from last week.

Skepticism –ย While Milinkovic-Savic’s has in-game value, Jonas’ value comes from his high rating and usability in SBCs. This might cause him to have less demand.



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Is Brahimi 84 any good ?


When can we expect the turnaround? I mean, how do you think, how much time the investment requires to bring profit?


so would we sell as close to Wednesday as possible but not after??


His cost is 4,4k now. Is it still worth to invest like a 100k?