Upgrade Milinkovic-Savic Investment

Player:ย Sergej Milinkovic-Savic

Target Price:ย 7,000 coins (depends on console)

Reasoning: With the new Path to Glory release, the Milinkovic-Savic upgrade will be out of packs. His card has a ABSURDLY LOW supply. He has only been in packs for a grand total of 4 days (Feburary 25th-26th and March 7th-8th) because of his inform from TOTW 24. When his card went out of packs for TOTW, his price shot up. I expect the same to happen this time around.



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Already bought about 13 goretzka and 3 martial… was it mistake?


Good to hear


I paid 10k for Milinkovic-Savic. What do you think about it?


My buys price are : goretzka 11k, Martial 17,5k, savic 9,8k. Whats your opinion? =D


Chief, what are you planning to do with all coins you make?
You donโ€™t do SBC and your team is good but not spectacular. You are only enjoying the trading or do you have a masterplan?
I mostly enjoying doing sbc and ofc try to get as good team as possible.


I really enjoying Fifa 18. Best one so far. But ofc it is not perfect


I just sold my whole team, had a few games that stressed me way to much. Plus, I realized Salah is overpriced, he isn’t that good, I think Bale is better. Anyway, do you think 88 IF Icardi is a good investment? He is 58k now, the next 88 IF is over 80k. I bought 4 cards, but I think he is risky compered to Vazques


Yeah, after I bought them, I searched for his 88 from last year. 86’s IF are more profitable them him.

O money

Hey chief do you have any good flipping tips for this promo. I listen to all your investment tips but Iโ€™m looking to make some money on the side


Is there any day you think is the best to sell him?