Upgrade Milinkovic-Savic Investment

Player: Sergej Milinkovic-Savic

Target Price: 7,000 coins (depends on console)

Reasoning: With the new Path to Glory release, the Milinkovic-Savic upgrade will be out of packs. His card has a ABSURDLY LOW supply. He has only been in packs for a grand total of 4 days (Feburary 25th-26th and March 7th-8th) because of his inform from TOTW 24. When his card went out of packs for TOTW, his price shot up. I expect the same to happen this time around.



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Already bought about 13 goretzka and 3 martial… was it mistake?


Good to hear


I paid 10k for Milinkovic-Savic. What do you think about it?


My buys price are : goretzka 11k, Martial 17,5k, savic 9,8k. Whats your opinion? =D


Chief, what are you planning to do with all coins you make?
You don’t do SBC and your team is good but not spectacular. You are only enjoying the trading or do you have a masterplan?
I mostly enjoying doing sbc and ofc try to get as good team as possible.


I really enjoying Fifa 18. Best one so far. But ofc it is not perfect


I just sold my whole team, had a few games that stressed me way to much. Plus, I realized Salah is overpriced, he isn’t that good, I think Bale is better. Anyway, do you think 88 IF Icardi is a good investment? He is 58k now, the next 88 IF is over 80k. I bought 4 cards, but I think he is risky compered to Vazques


Yeah, after I bought them, I searched for his 88 from last year. 86’s IF are more profitable them him.

O money

Hey chief do you have any good flipping tips for this promo. I listen to all your investment tips but I’m looking to make some money on the side


Is there any day you think is the best to sell him?