Marquee Matchups Prediction – FC Basel v. Young Boys

Usually I post my predictions one week before the upcoming Marquee Matchups. However, because Week 27 is International Break, I’m skipping predictions for that and jumping right into the best look for Week 28: FC Basel v. Young Boys.

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FC Basel v. Young Boys

The “Derby of Switzerland” kicks off as Basel (41 points, 2nd in table) takes on Young Boys (58 points, 1st in table). The Swiss League hasn’t been featured in Marquee Matchups since October, so you can be sure this game will get hyped leading up to the announcement. Since we are still two weeks out, players from Basel and Young Boys are still cheap. Look to get bronzes or silvers from either club for as close to 150 coins as possible, and sell in the hype before the announcement on March 27th.

NOTE:ย I know investors who literally buy over 1000 players in anticipation for matchups like this. The return on investment is great – it just takes a lot of legwork in both buying and selling. Whatever you put into it, realize that you’ll likely triple your investment (or more) if you can get them for an average of 200 coins.



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Chief, i believe there are marquee matchups for international break matches too


What about gold close to 350?


I’m not chief but I belive gold have lower ROI then bronze/silver and there are more on the market.


Hey Chief, you mentioned that some people buy up to 1000 players! Can you guide me how to do so because I’m locked at 100 with my transfer list.


Chief reading the topic, you recomend then buy silver/bronze instead the gold players?
I will put in 1M, i think it’s a one of the best oportunittys to make a lot of coins and I will stay sure what can get me the best reward.


Thanks mate, I’ ll catch bronze/silvers then. Other question do you think I can get more coins making and hybrid with MM and other invest or do you think the best idea it’s put my 1M here?


What method you recomend to mix with MM? Maybe If the week in week?


would it be better to buy bronzes for 150 or silvers for 200? thats the going rate on ps4 right now.

thanks chief!


Just a question.
What prices do you set for bronze/silver to sell in the hype?
Do you compare each player and set the lowest bin or how do you do?