Sniping Filters Updated

If you want to make coins quickly, sniping and bidding on players is your best option. The trick is finding a filter that will get you deals. Here are some that I have used to make 25-50k per hour. I will continue to update as I come across more successful filters.

***LAST UPDATED – April 8th, 2018***

QualityNationPositionLeagueTeamMax BIN (Prices Vary)
SilverLigue 11,000 (bid on these accordingly)
SilverBundesliga1,000 (bid on these accordingly)
SilverCalcio A1,000 (bid on these accordingly)
SilverHyundai A-League500
SilverCBLa Liga Santander500
GoldBundesligaRB Leipzig800
GoldLigue 1OM800
GoldPremier LeagueArsenal1,000
GoldRussian LeagueCSKA Moscow800
Goldย La Liga SantanderAtletico Madrid1,800
GoldLiga NOSSporting1,000
GoldCalcio ALazio500
O. BundesligaSalzburg3,000
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are these in any particular order? like the most profitable at the top?


Arsenal one isnโ€™t great as most of time you pack iwobi and barely get your money back!
Any investments for next MM?

Dynamo Moscow vs Lokomotiv??
Anderlecht vs Brugge??


Sorry forgot to ask by what you mean by bid on these accordingly?
Thank you


Do you think it is likely that team of the knockout stage will release and if so when? I bought a ton of totgs players (as investments for totks)two weeks ago for around 20-21k each and their prices have not rose anymore in the hype. When do you think they will begin to rise?


And how much profit for player?
100 / 200 coins?


Silver la liga going well for me cheers chief

Chief I ****ed up
Couldn’t wait to buy CR7 and have used him for a week and a half for 1.150.000 and now I hear he is about to crash big time and looking at last year he went to 800k after TOTS. I was just impatient haha because the game is there to be played with your fave players

Thing is I will use him until the end of the game so I thought why wait, just get him and enjoy game now. Worth selling and buying back at some point or just keep and take the hit since i’m going to use him to end of game anyway? he helped me get my best ever finish in WL this weekend and last