Marquee Matchup Predictions for Week 31

While last week’s Marquee Matchups had a ton of big derbies and fixtures to choose from, this week is much more limited. For that reason, I am only suggesting investing in one matchup and selling in the hype.

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Napoli v. Juventus

It’s a race to the finish as Juventus (79 points, 1st in table) looks to hold off Napoli (77 points, 2nd in table) for the league title. This game has been voted the most on the FUT Analytics page to be chosen next week, so hopefully players will rise some in the hype. Lorenzo Tonelli is the best look as an investment – he is near discard (800 coins), plays for Napoli, and comes from Italy. Look to sell a couple hours before the announcement or gamble and hold in hopes EA chooses this Calcio A fixture for Marquee Matchups in Week 31.



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Already inflated to 1k+ :((


Since Juventus is in these weeks MM the prices will be too high to invest so only napoli maybe


Tonelli at 1300 already…


I took A little gamble last week, i bought around 75 non rare gold players from Ajax and PSV, i picked them all up for near discount. I Will just wait out the MM release since there is No hype anymore. Could be a huge profit