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Should we start selling em Wagners and Schmeichels?


This SBC is a joke, 1.2 mil for a card that isn’t much better then the 93 which you can do for less then 600k. I don’t think there will be many people who will do this SBC. The same goes for Sane, 800k for a player with 3* skill and weak foot, not worth it, considering Sessegnon SBC is 50k and by Wednesday, CR7 will be around 900k or less. I’m talking PS4 prises.


unbelievable this player has 2* weak foot!!!! its horrible and on top of that u can just use the 93 salah with hawk and its the same………. stupid EA


I guess 84s ifs won’t rise that much as we expected, no loss though. Last year we had to submit 11 totw squad 84 rated, that’s why informs almost doubled in price, this year were screwed by EA again