TOTW 32 Investment: Lombán

Player: David Rodriguez Lombán

Reasoning: While I was hesitant to post TOTW 32 Investments with TOTS right around the corner, this guy is a sure thing to go up if you are sitting on coins.

High rated, La Liga Informs CBs with Spanish decent are some of the most usable players for SBCs. This is for a couple reasons.

First of all, every SBC requires at least 1 CB, usually 2 and sometimes even 3. For that reason, CBs always have more SBC value.

Secondly, Spanish players tend to be some of the cheapest for their respective ratings. Diego Lopez is one of the cheapest 83s. Asenjo is one of the cheapest 84s. Koke is one of the cheapest 85s. Isco is one of the cheapest 86s. Iniesta and Pique are some of the cheapest 87s. Check here for more examples.

As a result, people often use Spanish players when completing SBCs that require informs. This leads them straight to players like Lombán.

Examples similar to Lombán: Xabier Etxeita, Aritz Elustondo and Luis Hernandez were all discard while they were in packs. Check out their prices now.

Target BUY: 12k or less

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit. Hard to give a definitive price/date with this as TOTS SBCs are coming and likely will be putting the market in a frenzy.



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Not one singke sbc today 🙁


When can we expect sbc that requires if? (So the price rise)


Every Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


It’s now quite easy to get various 81 IFs around 11k. With the upcoming TOTS SBCs, do you think that it’s a good investment strategy?


10 millions coins!? How do you think, what price will he “achieve”? =o


Damn, invested 6 mil in him. Hoped the SBC from tonight would require IF’s.


*Wishing all the best of luck


he is up 10% already .. 12.5k now


yea i agree , the small % he increased now is for the increase of demand on him from investors , as for the sbc’s collectors part is not there yet


When is the best time to seel these IF’s?
The TOTS SBC’s is not requieing Informs?