TOTS SBC Investment

EA released the first RoW (Rest of World) TOTS SBC earlier today. This was the first tradeable TOTS SBC that we have seen so far. As a result, TOTS cards have taken quite a hit; while they were 40k earlier today, they have now fallen below 30,000 coins.

With many more TOTS SBCs being released in the next few weeks, it is highly likely that these will be required again like they were for the Community TOTS SBC and EFL TOTS SBC. When that happens, they will shoot up in price as a result.

Cheapest TOTS cards on the PS4 market.

Cheapest TOTS cards on the Xbox market.

Cheapest TOTS cards on the PC market.

Target BUY:ย Less than 28k

Target SELL:ย When you are happy with the profit. Their price is highly dependent on SBC requirements. I would target somewhere between 35 and 40k.





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Should we sell 82 investments now or wait?


Powell 83 is better than bozok 85? As it need team chemistry.. England is easier to connect ??


Hi, do you think i should invest in more 82 players during the lightning rounds, or is their time up now? If not, what golds do you reccomend investing in?


Thanks. Just sold a load of 82s, and have quite a few 83s in the bank. Is friday eve after tots release a goodtime to get more 82s?


Cheers. Great advice for a relative newbie like me