Bundesliga TOTS Investment: Hrádecky

Here are 2 reasons why Hradecky is a great look as an investment for the upcoming Bundesliga Team of the Season.

1. He is the cheapest 83 rated player in the Bundesliga.

High rated players from the Bundesliga will have added value next week because of the SBCs. Here were the requirements from last weeks La Liga TOTS SBCs.

Expect more of the same for next week – a minimum 83 rated squad requiring at least 2 Bundesliga players. This will cause 83 rated Bundesliga players to rise just as they did for La Liga.

Cheapest La Liga 83s as of Tuesday evening

2. He will be going out of packs.

On Friday, the Bundesliga Team of the Season will be released. These players were voted on by the community. EA briefly had these posted but took them down. Here were the results.

GK: Hradecky
RB: Kimmich
LM: Wendell
CB: Hummels
CB: Naldo
LM: Bailey
RM: Müller
CM: Goretzka
CAM: James
ST: Robert
ST: Batshuayi

Just as TOTW base cards have been great money makers, TOTS base cards have also been equally – and often times more – profitable. Here is how high rated La Liga TOTS base cards increased in price in the few days they have been out of packs:

Prices also increased substantially for Premier League TOTS base cards. I expect more of the same for Hradecky when he goes out of packs Friday for the Bundesliga TOTS.

Target BUY: Less than 2,500 coins

Target SELL: 7,500 coins or Friday, May 25th (whichever comes first)

Click here for Lukáš Hrádecky’s current price



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I bought 50 of them. I hope it goes up


Hi. Still don’t get why he will go up so much if there is other Bundesliga gks like jarstein and baumann?? Thanks mate


Alan, Jarstein and Baumann are both 82 rated wich already makes a huge difference. Neither will they get out of packs.


Ok but you can get an 83 jarstein. Do you think they will rise much over weekend or more towards Tuesday next week!? Thanks mate


Invested in 100 of them ranging 2,200-2,500.


Balotelli and Pastore are also 2K Less than other Ligue 1 83’s. Worth throwing a bit of money that way


Balo looks a good buy now mate


Should we sell during the course of the first Bundesliga sbc or the second one?


Ok thanks


Should we invest in tots? They are 60k and under alot of the?


Are tots worth investing in at mid 60k range


Ok thanks. Sorry, I just figured out that you answered the exact same question to a previous comment lol.


Chief, any idea what happened with hradecky…? He was already 3,3k, now he cost 2,5…


now he’s down to 1,5K since he isn’t really relevant for the sbc. 82 rated with tots who are usually 88 or higher rated at this point means there is no need for 83 rated bundesliga players. Let’s just hope the fact he is out of packs will help in any way.

biren patel

Should we offload with loss or wait for tuesday..?


It’s out and Hradecky is still low. You think he will go ?
Also, I have some TOTS players that I bought for 60k. Should I wait till Tuesday to see if it goes up?


cant help with the first question, but def hold your tots until tuesday, less supply since no new row players being released until then.


Thanks Arman


What with my Hradecky’s? Wait until Friday or sell now with loss? :/


How long to hold Hradecky for Chief? Still Friday? big loss atm so can’t get any worse. Any chance Tuesday’s SBC may be an 83 rated to push him up ?


Was thinking the same so far only the untradable sbc is out, maybe the tradeable one requires 83 rated players


I still can’t sell Hradecky with profit… Futchief what must I do ?


Chief how are things looking now? Should we get rid of him?

Another question i have is how many coins have you made this year just with investments?