Q & A Tuesday – Week 35

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hey man, just curious to see if you think EA will release guaranteed PL TOTS SBC’s again once they release all the TOTS in the coming weeks


Hi Chief! While i’ve made some excellent trading moves with advice from you, there have been times where i made some bad decisions on my part. Would be great to get some advice on what i can do on these bad investments.

IF Panjic – bought at 74,000 (jsut one)
IF Lomban – 11000-13000 (about 12)

Is there any chance these cards will increase in price, of should i cut my losses and sell?


Hey Chief,

First of all, thanks! I managed to multiply my investment by six times (!) thanks to your MM prediction investment that you posted week ago πŸ™‚ (shame on me that I invested only 15k haha)

Will you post MM predictions today? πŸ˜€

biren patel

Hey chief, what investment options do we have as of now. ??


Hi Chief,
For the option 1, what target price (buy) would you suggest?

biren patel

Why is there sudden surge in the willian 84 rated price. Today morning they were going for 7500.. and suddenly now its 10000.. any idea..??



I don’t think the TOTS base cards are gonna drop to 50k … There a a lot of better players in this that people gonna use like Lozano and Mbabu.


Hey Chief, do you think Arias will rise with the release of Lozano tomorrow? Should I sell now or hold?


It looks like the bottom of the ROW TOTS is now 60k, they are not going lower, would you still pick them up, it’s impossible to get them at 50k.


What would the best time to sell be? The cards haven’t risen that much yet….


I think you misunderstood my question or I didn’t ask it correct. I have the ROW TOTS players and I wanna know when you would sell them, bought around 60k and they are about 68 right now.


Thanks Chief!


Hey Chief! Packed TOTS Parejo and Busquets. Should i look at selling now or keep them to sell on later?


thanks chief! this website is amazing by the way. keep it going!!


Hi Chief,

do you have any idea why are prices of better La Liga players rising so much. I understand the base cards of the TOTS players are rising, because they are out of packs (did not think, they would rise so much though – e.g. Ramos was 110k, now 155 k). I also understand that the 83s and 84s are rising because the TOTS La Liga SBC.

But I do not know, why the cards like SIF Nacho (was 60k, now 120k), SIF Vrsaljko (was 18k, now 36k), NIF Bale (was 90k, now 125k), MOTM Ben Yeder (was 40k, now 75k) and others have sky-rocketed so much.

Should I expect them to fall back down just as fast after new TOTS is released? Or will they likely stay at these prices or even rise till the WC mode is released. I would like to build a team around my La Liga TOTS players and I am not sure, how should I to wait til the prices of La Liga players are reasonable again.

Thank you so much for an input. I am really glad I found your website, plenty of great tips here!



Hi Chief,
I invested in TOTS (mainly Dabbur). Last week, the ROW SBC on Tuesday did not require TOTS, so I was thinking to sell tomorrow, when the Bundesliga SBC is released. What would you advise?


Ok thanks, I’ll do that.


Packed James Rodriguez tots. When would it be best to sell him? He dropped 150K since Friday. Should I sell him before lightning rounds today?

Thanks chief!


Hi chief any short therm investment to cover up the hradecky one (idk, if Vidal or bailey)? Thanks


hi chief, could you explain what ultimate tots is? what kind of sbcs do you expect us to be receiving? what investments could I make to prepare for it? Thanks