[Repost] This Weekend: Giveaway Saturday!

(XBox only – sorry PS4 and PC players)

This weekend, I will begin “Giveaway Saturdays” for the remainder of FIFA (or until I run out of coins). But instead of a giveaway, it might be better to think of it as a challenge or an objective. Here is how it will work for those who want to participate.

1. Buy player ‘x’.

At 3PM UK time on Saturday, I will post about some player that you need to buy.

2. Complete given objectives for player ‘x’.

I will give certain requirements for goals and assists for that given player. You can see player stats on the player bio screen – that is how I will be able to ensure you have completed the objectives.

3. List player for my specified conditions.

These need to be EXACTLY what I give for both start price and buy now price.

4. Cash In!

I will buy your player as soon as I see him on the market. Be aware, though, that this challenge will not last forever – it will run from 3PM UK time to 9PM UK time. Any players posted after 9PM will not be purchased.

Here is an example of what you would see on Saturday (THIS IS NOT THE ACTUAL CHALLENGE):

Player: Inform Moussa Sylla from TOTW 34

Minimum Goals: 9 goals

Minimum Assists: 4 assists

Start Price: 11,500 coins

Buy Now Price: 35,750 coins

Expires: 9PM UK time on Saturday, May 19th




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Awesome! I am A xbox player so i Will definitely do this


Xbox player
Waiting for the challenge!!


When and what should i buy to invest for the bundesliga tots sbc?


I am new to the players styles. Who is ROW TOTS, TOTW and TOTS players? Which color are those? Is there a website I can see?


When is the ideal time to buy the TOTS base cards, will they drop at all on Thursday or Friday?


Great idea! Unfortunately I’m on playstation, but kudos for such an innovative way of rewarding your followers.


Any hint on how expensive the player will be? Spent 1 million on TOTS Ramos and Chiellini so short of coins now.
Sound like a fun challenge so I want to participate


Thanks! Very much appreciated