Marquee Matchup Predictions for Week 37

International friendlies can only mean one thing – World Cup is fast approaching! Italy is an especially intriguing look for Marquee Matchups for next week. Let’s dive into why.

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Italy v. France AND Italy v. Netherlands

Although Italy fell short in qualifying for the 2018 World Cup, they still have International friendlies to compete in as we approach the June 14th event. Next week, they face off with two heavyweights in France and the Netherlands. The FUT Analytics predictions have them as the favorite to be chosen for Marquee Matchups for Week 37. There are TONS of cheap silver Italians. Since the supply is so high, I have my doubts whether they will rise much in the hype, so my suggestion for next week is to gamble and hold until after the announcement in hopes they get chosen.

Target BUY:Β Less than 200 coins

Target SELL:Β Tuesday, May 29th AFTER the announcement or when they reach 1,000 coins (whichever comes first)