Marquee Matchups Prediction for Week 6

Only one matchup I’m interested in for next weeks MM investments, and it comes to us courtesy of the top Mexico league.

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Cruz Azul v. Club America

In a clash known as the “Clรกsico Joven”, America (24 points, 2nd in table) looks to overtake Azul (26 points, 1st in table) for the top spot in the league. Look to grab the cheapest players from either club available on the market in preparation for this.

Cheapest Cruz Azul players.

Cheapest Club America players.

Target BUY: 400 coins or less

Target SELL:ย Thursday, October 25th a 1-3 hours before the announcement (the announcement is at 6PM UK time)



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target sell priice

Batis Aynetchi

Hi Chief,

I just bought a few Anthony Martials just after he scored his first goal for around 35k each, his price inflated up to 50k as of now. Is it worth holding onto him in hopes he gets an in form next week and rises further? Or would it be best to sell now?

Thanks in advance!


how much do u expect them to sell for?


Hi chief I got 100k atm what to put them on for a quick (small) return ? tia ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


Since scream came out, when should i buy my team again? Since i sold my team like 4 days ago


When to sell forsberg?


Thoughts on Lewandowski? Scored 2 and got an assist? Possible If coming? Should we snag some up? He’s floating around 144k on xbox.

Angel Prado

Hey Chief, would it matter what card type they are? Like, Bronze, Silver, Gold. Would people gravitate to bronze cards more or would it not matter that much when MM are announced? Thanks in advance!


Bought some Bailly’s do you think his price will go up more since he got the inform Wednesday? His price now is 10,250k


Idea on when to sell szczesny? picked him up for about 2600. Will he rise?


Do scream cards rise After they are oft of packs?

Scott Mullen

Diego Costa and Verrati are both sitting at max BIN do you think EA will intend on rising there max BIN. Cheers Cheif


Hi chief, when should i sell my WL team to limit losses and/or maximize profits?

Chris Tallim

When to sell scezsny ?




Hi Chef! Howedas IF will be rise more? Or 26k is a maximum price?
BTW Sommer IF 84 cost 25k.


Would u advise to buy a team now or wait further to see if the market to dip/crash?

Matheus Marques

Hello Chief!

I’ve just bought a couple os mexicans players following your tip. As i’m a new in this trading market, i’d like to understand a little better the time to sell these players.

Taking the opportunity, I would like an opinion: i got Scream Ochoa.. Do you think that selling him for 15k~ (average market price) is a good ideia?

Congrats for your job! U got a new fan


Matheus Marques

definitely you were. I would just like to understand why the logic of selling a little before the ad since I am new to the business

But if it’s too much for you to answer I respect

Thanks again

Sami Sabry

Is it a good idea to invest in Liverpool and Arsenal players now? And sell them tomorrow just before the marquee matchups?

Sami Sabry

Can i get like 500 coins profit tho? on each card?

Sami Sabry

Because Henderson for example is at 750 right now. So basically no risk.