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Hi chief

Do u think its worth buying more martials as his price is lower than u recommended or is it not worth it now and just sell with a loss?

Del piero

Is the duffy if a good look? Am I right?


How about Eggestein? He is german + plays in the bundesliga + goes for discard price.


Why do you expect these cards to be good investments do you expect them to rise in time?


Martial, if talisca, Barkley, Paulinho, Fernandinho. All that was a bad investment. I think I’m done


Martial still has potential to rise as does talisca… what about kompany? Xhaka, cech, sommer? All well profitable dont forget IF howedes nearly 15k profit on each one of them you take the bad with the good and still be well in profit


Come on guys, cannot get right every time. I got very good profits following Chief’s SUGGESTIONS (not risk free guys!).

Tks again Chief.

Dawson Hardie

I’ve lost coins here and there sure. I’ve gained alot of coins too and gained a much stronger understanding of the market due to your content which in my opinion is what the ultimate goal should be for everyone. This is it chief.


I think its fine, bought 3 for 30250 yesterday, already at 37k


I think, the market goes crazy this year. And EA makes it superhard for investors to predict almost anything. Best example was the UCL SBC release yesterday – one day after the expected UCL MM. The market for the Blues crashed massively. I was lucky enough to make some coins but it was a huge gamble and just crazy. And nobody saw that coming. Same with the Scream Promotion, who disappointed loads of people. Long story short: I don’t think, it the Chiefs fault that Martial, Fernandinho, etc… didn‘t work out. Normally, they should have. But nothing is normal this year. Seems, EA doesn‘t like Traders too much. What I do to b at the saver side: Buy TOTW players 81+ at discard price. Normally they r save to rise within a little time to at least 14-15k.


Don’t stress.. Everyone is panic selling. Martial will rise by monday/Tuesday. Paulinho should get back to 12k and fernandinho should get back to 34-38k


To be fair to chief with all these investments if you’d have sold in the hype you would have made a profit, he always makes it clear that its a risk to hold until after the annoucements.


Actually there was no way to sell Fernandinho in the hype since there was no hype at all due to the leak of the TOTW by EA.
Not sure if it was a voluntary one against speculation or just a big mistake, anyway Fernandinho dropped way before the announcement of the team due to it.

However Fernandinho should have been in Totw at the cost of Mahrez and Ozil should have been in too, this is quite surprising to not see those two.

ciaran walsh

Agreed. There is magical Info on the other Side of the pay wall. Site is sort of a joke.


You should never just blind follow investments of other people.. Always keep your own mind, and listen to it.. Some things I do not follow, like this investments because I just wasn’t sure if it would make profit..


Martial comes back little bit i Sold 2 10min ago…


This guy is helping us all and you have the cheek to criticise? Gtfo


Would now be a good time to buy my team back? Price are very low


Martial will still rise… right?


Good investment?


Ty chief!


Investing in if Lala 884 now? or wait?


So witch ones would you invest in and for about how much? I’m trying for lala under 20k, good idea?



Lala is currently closer to 40k on the market? Good luck finding him at under 20k


Hola Chief, thinking that Raphaël Guerreiro (LB, Dortmund) could be a lock for TOTW 7 with his brace over Athletico today.

BIN had jumped from discard to 1900 (XB1) within the last 8 hrs.

Any thoughts here?


Hi Chief, some of the higher rated in-form cards are at their cheapest prices after they have been removed from packs… I am really struggling to understand why, any ideas?


Van Dijk, Arnautovic and Bailly are all examples
VD was a bit less than 300k a few hours ago, he didn’t drop below 300 the whole time he was in packs


If you pack a TOTW player is it best to sell right away or wait till that week ends?


If you pack a discard IF from a good league og nation, keep him.


I’m currently holding onto some Martials, when will it be the right time to sell?


hi chief
chief i bought 5 paulinho about 11k and now he is 9k… do you think i should sell him or keep him?


If Illicic a good investment 84 rated and 18k whats a good price to purchase him


I did the same thing and I think that you should hold on to them for a little while. Once they can’t be packed anymore they will probably increase in price over time. That is what I think at least. I personally think that it would be smart to sell them before the next champions league matchday, which would be the 6th November.

Alex Parvu

Should i sell totw lala i just packed? On pc

Zico Cancelo

Hey Chief, I see everyone just keep asking you questions and some even throwing shade for some investments not working out. I just wanna say thanks for even providing FREE content that actually works most of the time, really appreciate your work. Peace


Hiya chief!

how much Glik would you advise to buy with a bank of 60k total?

if he is not needed for scream sbc, Will his price still rise?


should i invest in paulinho now that he is 6.1k on ps4?

Alex Parvu

Just packed toni kross and roberto firmino who should i invest in with 240k coins? Thanks

Alex Parvu

Fabian is around 25k on pc and not under 18k

Rayhan B Kibria

Will there be a La Liga POTM? September is long gone and October is almost over as well.