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Hi chief should I sell my regular Marquinhos now or will he rise over more over the week


Hey Chief! which cards will be a good pick investment wise? and what should be the price point i should be looking to buy them at?


Hey chief, who do you think will be a good investment and why?


Suso , Sarabia and foster for good investments I’d say , what do you think chief ?


will foster rise?

Jesper Sørensen

Should i sell mane now or keep him for a couple days


Should i Sell my suarez?


Hey Chief why aren’t you talking about Jovic?


Chief, I want to buy one of those Totw 7 players, Suso, when is the best time to buy it usually?


Hi chief

Just wondered if ive done the right thing here.. just bought around 6 suso 1IF for 24/25k as his 2IF was about to go into packs but the 2IF is only worth 65k will the 1IF go back up?

Cheers chief


Cheers chief

Its the 1st time ive tried the old inform method so just panicked a little


Oooh I think I like Sarabia and Hilton as potential investments. Interested to hear what you will have for us on Friday! Trying to start finding good investments on my own to get a jump before everyone starts buying ;)


Kerem and Casillas look good will invest in them, Kerem to drop to 12,14k?


Is pablo sarabia a good look?

Lano de Haan

Chief, I bought 40 players rare/non rare of fenerbache and galatasaray because of the derby and i bought the non rares for 350 and the rares for 650. when do you think i need to sell these players?


Are there any good teams right now that are good for investing? If not when will your next article on that topic be?


Hi Chief,
Finding some cheap gold Cech… Will he be useful in a possible Aube POTM? Possibly some margin profit?


When roughly do u suggest i sell if pickford and if fabian?


Chief I want to sell my team worth 750k including Aguero I just packed from Rivals Rewards. Should I sell NOW or HOLD?

Also when do I sell Duffy, Sokratis and UCL Cards ?


Hey chief. I’ve got a million coins. Would it be good to buy a lot of pato’s during at the Weekend league reward time cheaper and sell them in a couple of hours ? Or would you go with someone else ? Thanks ! Appreciate it mate.


why do you recommend buying if de la bella? he’s not playing in the best spanish league.