Marquee Matchup Predictions for Week 8

One matchup stands far above the rest for Marquee Matchups in Week 8

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Dortmund v. Bayern

As if the stakes were not high enough already in this rivalry dubbed ‘Der Klassiker’, Bayern (19 points, 2nd in table) looks to overtake Dortmund (21 points, 1st in table) for the top spot. For investment, try to pick up the cheapest players from either club.

Cheapest Dortmund cards.

Cheapest Bayern cards.

Target BUY: 200 coins or less.

Target SELL:ย Thursday, November 8th shortly before the announcement (the announcement is at 6PM UK time)



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cheapest gold cards or will bronze and silver ok

Sami Sabry

Target buy at 200 coins? Then it can only be bronze and silver cards?


For how much should we sell it?

SportyBaby twitch

why should we sell and hour before realease is it the highest u can get from them and why?


What’s the min for gold 450?


Yeah sorry that’s what I meant. How much will they rise you think?


Only Dortmund & Bayern bronze + silver cards or whole the bundeliga?


You think they wil rise much? Fenerbache and Galatasaray players didnt rise a lot


Is the much more room to rise for if sarabia or sell and move on??

Same UT

Im interested in your patreon for icon trading now that i got more coins. Do you say to us which price is good to buy and etc in the cheapest patreon? Its like a list that you send us or we have to ask if X price is good?


im interested in your patreon, can you explain a little bit what do we get in the cheapest version? does it includes otw/icon trading?


What sbc are we waiting for to sell our previous inform investmnets?


How much do you think the silver and bronzes will go for, chief?


what about the Manchester derby


Will if Marquinhos go down in price? thinking of buying him


What would a good investment be for POTM pl? Already invested in mata, schmeicel, sokratis and duffy.


cool thanks Chief


Bought a bergkamp 90 at 927000. good price?


Hi chief

Sterling for totw 8? 2 goals 2 assists gotta be a banker aint it?


What u think about bernando silva IF to invest?


i have bought a silver card for 200 coins is that okay?

Tan Blatchman

Hey Chief, just packed Firmino, hold for or sell now for POTM?


Off topic chief but I’ve been researching the discard IF method and would like to ask how you judge IF cards if it’s worth investing on or not?


Look for high rated cards (81-84) that are near discard price. You want to look for cards that are easy to link with (common nationality and/or common league). Midfielders, centerbacks, and fullbacks also tend to rise more in price when SBCs come out so Chief generally recommends cards of this nature.