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Is there a Marketcrash happening right now?


HI Chief,

what is going on with the Market, it seems crashing currently.. ?

Do you think it will get back to normal on weekend, i am afraid my seria A team will loose value.


Just made 200k sniping these players. Love these MM


How to invest in UCL player ? They drop a lot … Surely a lot of coins could be made on them right ?


chief how about UCLS ? shall we invest in them for weekend sell ?

Pedro Azevedo

I have 20 k , I already bought Icardi and Hamsik who sould i invest more ?


Chef, side question, when is the date for POTM drop in SBC’s ?


Hey chief i just packed Uefa Ederson and sold him. Are your top buys still good investments because i already have a fair few of them? Is there anyone else you would suggest?


is if 84 lala a good buy?


Do you think we should pick up Manu and Juve cheap cards, UEFA marque tomorrow ? Just like todays barca inter


No there are 2 sbc’s one for yesterdays game (barca-inter) and one for todays game (ajax-benfica)

Eric Sylla

no because they only realease one uefa mm per week on tuesdays


Chief when would we sell Duffy and Demirbay if we invested in them


Hi Chief, thank you for all your info so far, really helped me!

One question… Kanté and Mbappé, what do you think is the best option: keep or sell? You see them dropping the following days?

Best regards!

SportyBaby Twitch

So chief im new to trading so what do u think is or worth to invest in aubameyang potm sbc’s or is it too late and i should should i invest in arsenal players, gabon or what?. Please help me Ty


What do you think of the price of Demirbay IF? Will he rise due to Bundesliga POTM?


Bought some Willems for 650. Seems to go for 3k now. Would you sell or will he increase even more if Jovic gets POTM? Don’t have a lot of coins right now for investing in TOTW on thursday.


Hi chief, I have a richarlison it’s card. If he gets an if card today, and his price goes up, do otw cards usually stay high or do they hit the high immediately after the if then dip after a week or so. What wondering wether to sell him after the announcement, then buy back in a week or so?


Enough to make a small profit?


Its a good time to Invest in Champion cards to sell in weekend or more late??

Sandro Barros

Grats for your help. Continue your work