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Hey chief I don’t know why but the bronze players firm Dortmund and bayern that I bought have sold 10 of 34 for 500 coins what’s happening? Ahah


Maybe people investing for the bundesliga SBC, perhaps it’s coming today? They seem to drop all the league SBCs on a friday


They just released Liga NOS + MLS a week ago, i dont think we’ll have another one anytimesoon.

Probably in 3 weeks or so


They seem to be doing a league release every week ATM. I know it can’t go on forever, but it’s easy, who knows!

Crazy Pinapple

Hey Chief, seems that there will be a big Event Tomorrow


Will Otamendi and Duffy increase in value again?


Hi chief!
Quite important question there (atleast for me) :
I have for about 1M of IF cards from differents TOTW in club/transfer list. Some “bigs” like Ben Yedder, Mandzukic, also some little one like Guarin, King, etc.

Shall i sell them all before BF or previous TOTW wont be affected ?


When are you selling informs like:
Duffy, Foster, Pickford, Vecino and la bella?

Kenneth De Souza

Hey i want to buy an icon for my team…. need the cheapest CAM so looking at Nakata as he is almost the cheapest icon in the game as well….. I also want to look at him as an investment cause im pretty sure his price will increase come the next icon SBC…..

My question to you is when will be the best time to buy an icon keeping in mind the Black Friday crash? Do the price of icons also reduce considerably at this time?


Hi chief

Off topic here but what do u think of roniger IF? 13k 82 rated cm french nationality and french league

Cheers chief


Think its worth 150/200k investment?


When to sell otamendi now Aub is out chief?


Hey chief, right now Otamendi and Duffy’s prices aren’t rising at all. Do you think it will rise soon or we should just sell them now