October POTM Investment: Nicolas Otamendi

Player:ย Nicolas Otamendi

Reasoning:ย The October BPL POTM will be released this Friday, November 9th. In all likelihood, Aubameyang will take the honor.

As Aubameyang will be a BEAST of a card, EA is going to have to make his SBCs expensive. This year, they have often turned to high rating requirements in order to do so (see Reus and Hazard POTM SBCs).

Otamendi is one of the cheapest 86 rated BPL players. In addition, he is a defender – they typically go up more for SBCs.

Look to grab him Thursday during WL rewards.

Target BUY:ย 18k or less

Target SELL:ย Friday, November 9th after the POTM SBC release.



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Thanks Chief


Hey Chief, new follower here. Do you think Aubameyang’s NIF card will be required for the POTM. If not, when she would sell his NIF?


Auba shot up like 100k this afternoon!


I had over 50 sokratis that I bought for 2.5 k and the price was at 5.6k last week. But not able to sell all of them. Not price is dropping to 4.5k. Should I sell him now or wait?


He’s in the 19k mark, is he already inflated?
I saw the highest price was on 23k for ps4.

After tax about 2k profit

Would it be a good move if buy in huge volume?


Hey chief, i have 600k, should i go all in on Otamendi during rewards?


What do you think about investing in cheap 84 rated players such as Sokratis or Jorginho for the POTM SBCs?


I have 200k to invest, will investing on him will be good, because market has crashed badly

David brendon

Dear chief ,
I am planning to buy salah 88 rated .. should I buy him tonight or wait further more .


so chief what should i do with my bronze and silver dortmund players thar i invested in for the mm


Hi. Chief I’m new here and into trading. Made a small donation but will increase next month. Glad to be part of the community.

Are there other players you would advise on for the POTM SBC like Jorgino?


Do you think lower rated BPL Cards like 83,84 rated will highly increase too? (Thinking of Keita, Laporte and Bernardo Silva)


What about 85 CB Vincent Kompany and 85 GK Alisson? Their price about 13k rigth now.


What about bellerin ??


Chief if i can get edersons and matics below 20k are they a good investment?


Otamendi is a min 24k on pc, prices are typically higher, still invest or nay?


I am playing on PC too, i snipe them for 23k… how many will u buy?


ended up spending 2 hrs sniping them for anything between 21-24k I’ve got 23 of them and a bunch of informs (Duffy and one Chilwell)


Hey chief, is Otamendi for 20k on PS still a good look?


Hi chief,
What is your opinion about IF pickford. Invested him under 29k. Other people can get him for 31k now. Good investment for potm/icon sbc? Or invest elsewhere?

Keep up the good work!


Chief, just packed If romagnoli sell or keep????
Btw thanks allot you made me good profits this past few weeks ๐Ÿ™‚


Xbox you can pick him up for 20k worth picking a couple up still? Also is ederson going to be a good shout? He’s about 19k

Stephen Mulgrew

Hi chief! I have 10 Ozils ready to sell, you think this is a good investment and if so when do you think his price will rise? I baught them all for 20-22k