TOTW 9 Investment: Hector

Player: Jonas Hector

Reasoning: Although Hector plays in a Bundesliga 2, his German nationality makes him easily linkable for SBCs with the likes of Müller, Özil, Tah, and Süle. In addition, full backs tend to rise the most for SBCs – just see Höwedes.

Target BUY: 15,000 coins or less

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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Buying him now or wait until the rewards?



Anton Bjørn Guldborg

What about firpo. Cheapest spain inform, with great league and position. How much for Rami?


When do you expect Bundesliga POTM to be announced?

Raquel Amaro

Black Friday it will be this Friday?


Any reason to be a little afraid of Black Friday event coming up here? Or do wr assume that this investment will be unaffected by it? Any reflections?


Hi chief,
He is around 16k on pc, is it still a good buy? Should i invest like a half milion into that? I want buy my squad during BF.


Hey chief,
I packed ucl matuidi and he is at about 106k on Xbox. Do you think he will continue to rise abut in the next few days to week or should I sell now.
Thanks heaps.


is it worth investing in ucl live players hoping they make it far in the champions league ?


u have to consider that by the time they are rising, there are looooats of new if, the TOTY, TOTGS and so on, so even if they make it far, there may be better players on the market 😉


If rondon a good buy fr under 15k
Also when do u think his price will rise


Is El Shaarawy a good idea to invest on? If so, lesser than 20k?


Chief i bought a fair few hectors for 15k and also a few rami’s and firpo’s should i buy more of them?

Raquel Amaro

What are you advising to do on Black Friday?


Chief, joao mario and demirbay have dropped a little, should i sell them now as well as romagnoli?


Hi chief.
Ive just packed Sterling UCL live. He costs about 240k now pn pc. Should I wait for his upgrade or sell it?


Can I sell him before Black Friday because I’m looking to have as much money as possible for black friday


Don’t want to sound arrogant, but isn’t Andre Almeida under 15k really better investment? Judging price history of Liga Nos IF’s, he is fullback and links players like: IF Dias, Pepe, Bernardo Silva and Quaresma.

Manuel Caneira

But isn’t there a difference because he is 82 rated ? And howedes was 84? Btw I have about 6M do you think investing all in?


Hey chief,
Just packed ederson, should I keep or sell?


I packed 87 rated Vertonghen who I’m using in my first team, he’s currently selling for 35k. Should I sell him now and buy him back on BF? Or will his price not fall alot from 35k?


Hey chief! What about André almeida IF? Seems like he can be used in SBCs with some high rated Portuguese and Liga nos players.


Hi chief !
Invested half my coins this morning in the cheapest 84rateds IFs ( and also 15 hectors, 10 almeida and 10 firpo). I’m betting on the fact we’ll get a totw garantee SBC anytime soon, or that they are required by some SBC before (icon maybe)

Do you think i made a good call ?

Also, i packed Kroos, that i’m holding hoping for a new icon SBC. It is right or shall i sell ? He’s only 48K now lol

Last question : I still have 1M to invest. Shall i buy cheap 83/84 now to sell DURING black friday (due to SBC), shall i buy more IFs now , or shall i keep them to invest during black friday crash ? (my shoot it that it will be monday-wednesday, with people selling remaning FC team and anticipating BF)