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Hey chief! Thanks for the great advice. New around here. Would you say havertz and loftus-cheek best looks here?


Are gundogan/otamendi/stones/fernandinho good bpl potm investments?


Otamendi started dropping a bit today so I bought A LOT in the 18k or under range.
I’m new to this – but I would guess even if once again it doesn’t rise with the BPL POTM, an 86 rated CB shouldn’t deliver too much of a loss. I’m okay with the gamble.


The IFs have dropped a bit since the tott packs are live for a day, buy the ifs tomorrow?


hey chief when is the best time to buy my team back? What is up with ea not releasing an icon sbc…icons are all over the place more profit i guess for us icon flipping players but


Hi Chief,

Is now a good time to stock up on 83’s, 84’s and 85’s? For upcoming futmas.



I bought 117 If Torunarigha for 12.5k and less sniping and bidding. Can’t wait for bundlesliga potm hopefully it pays off


So do i sell all my IF investments now as well?


Hey chief,

If i happen to get any TOTG players what should I do?


Morning chief, currently im having some Sanches and Florenzi UCL live card. Pricing quite up a bit but i gonna wait untill this 12th ( upgrade stats). is it a good choice ? how do you think? really appreciate your respond.


Hey chief I have 16 discard ifs rated 77-82 and 5 83 ifs bought from 16-20k when should I sell. Keep up the good work:)


Hey kann mir einer sagen in welche Spieler oder welche ratings ich jetzt noch investieren kann jetzt aktuell wo ich noch Gewinn machen kann und was ich maximal pro Spieler oder rating bezahlen soll




Ehi Chief, what do you think about Kroos TOTT SBC.

Does it worth?


Hi chief!! I did a mistake off selling my team and bought it back to quickly, not your fault at all, all on me but im wondering if for example pogba who i bought for 414 k is going to rise in price this week because now he goes for under 400 k and that is a pretty loss for me ๐Ÿ™


Hey chief I got 16 discard informs rated 77-82 and 5 83-rated ifs bought for 20k when should I sell and for how much?

Also when do you think would be a good time to buy a good fit champs team?
Keep up the good work:)


Iโ€™ve bought 31 otamendis for 17.5k, 12 gundogans for 5k, 27 kietaโ€™s for 1.9k and 12 gueye for 900 for the bpl POTM, what do you think Iโ€™ll make profit wise? Never done anything like this before

Karim Al Tobgy

Hey Chief,

Bought 6 Vida IF at 16k or less…but his price dropped
3 Otamendi at 19k…also his price dropped
What do I do?

3 Torunarigha at 12k…only raised by 1k …. when d you expect a good win


Hey Chief

I bought KDB 91 by 400k and i packed kante 89
should i sell now or their price is going to increase again


Just packed kante, mertens and walker last week, prices are going low should i sell now or wait?

Kaiser Cheefs

Chief, i bought 6 eggs for $ 2.5 after the crash.

should I eat them with toast or with muesli for breakfast


This had me in bits lol