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Do you think the cheapest possible squad to get that gomez would be under 100k? Gomez is such a sick card and I would love to have him on my team!

John Flame


Do you have a second account in which you have a team and do these untradeable SBCs despite your distaste for them? Could we see your squad? Thanks, love your advice, and hoping to really bulk up my teams this FUTMAS.

Merry Futmas!


Wait. U dont play the game other than trading/investing

Jason Ranjitkumar

Not related to investing but do you think Pogba will keep dropping throughout Futmas? He’s gone down to 400k from 435k yesterday.

Will Davies

Do you think 83s and 84s may go up in price?


Hey chief, do you think EA will release Flash sbc’s?


Hey cheif, when would be best time to sell IF sidnei. packed him last night and thought he was gonna increase in price but he’s only lowered. 84 brazilian if from La liga, would that be useful later in futmas


Hi chief, is there a way of seeing what are the cards that’s are making the biggest rises ona day to day basis? Like a site that lists who is up 10/20 percent from yesterday etc?


See: https://www.futbin.com/market/

Index100: Tracks the prices of 100 “normal” players. Includes 83 gold, 16 silver and 1 bronze player.

The Top up/down on the bottom of the index page will show the biggest players fluctuation that are included in the specific index. The fluctuation is calculated from the price taken at the start of the day (UTC time).

The Market Momentum will show the “mood” of the market – if it’s negative, neutral or positive. A value of 50 is neutral. The closer the value is to 0, the more negative the market is (maybe overwhelmed by new players from packs). And vice versa, the closer the market is to 100, the more positive the market is (could be lack of packs or a recovery from big packs).


Thanks , I’ve seen this before but never found it to be accurate. Always seems to be the same players at the top of the list.


True, this is only tracking 100 out of some 17-18 thousand players.

Outside of this the reason the same players are usually at the top of the list is because snipers / traders / investors are constantly buying selling these players to turn profits. Players such as Casco, Yarmolenko, and Yedlin are starting to have somewhat predictable patterns.

Josh Williams

Bought 10 Keita at 1.3. Sell now?


Hey chief I hava a 240k where should I invest them?


I’ve just bought a load of gold’s from London teams dueto the global series being held in london.


There was (is) an SBC released yesterday around the FUT Champions Cup that required English players rather than PL or London clubs. I can’t see there being another one.


Was just going off last year, they tended to release a couple of champions cup SBC over the course of the weekend. Not so lucky this year. E.a are really determined to screw investors over


You spelt Torreira wrong in the title


Chief, do u thing Felipe 83 and Savic 83 will raise more than 2k on xbox ? 8 futmas sbc already and they are 1.8k. Thank you