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I’ve 550k looking to get to 1.8mill who should i be investing in or sniping

Eric king

Is fernandhino a good investment his down to 91k /93k i think he’ll jump back up after the weekend would i be right who’s your top buys

Maurício Mozdzen

Are Raul, Eder militao and David Lopez good investments?


I invested in Deeney and Arnautovic gold cards at 700 and 1000 respectively in anticipation they would get in TOTW. Do you think I will see a profit and when best to sell?


Hey Chief,

Ozil seems to be essentially required for the david saliva SBC – why has his price not increased?

Thanks for the help.


It’s increased now from 16k -> 18k. Is this peak profit, or do you think it will rise more (20k-22k?) with friday’s BPL SBC?


i have 200 players with 83 rating so what should i do with them chief ? Sell them or wait ?


Man. city players prices will increase cause of new sbc challenge?


Ozil price has increased do I wait for the potm to come which will increase his price even more?

Many thanks


Hey Chief,
If all the stats align, where would you estimate Ozil’s peak selling point will be in the upcoming weeks?
If the profit margins are minimal on the 11th should I unload or wait for the potential increase the following week?

Not a veteran trader but I managed to get 40 at an avg. of 15.5k. Somehow slipped away with one @ 2k 🙂
Thanks for any feedback.


Won’t he be required as they will need tight rated players

Many thanks


Hey Chief, appreciating your work. How much do you think Özil will increase and is it fine to buy him for 17k instead of 16k ?

Maurício Mozdzen

Hey Man, look at the past. I think the maximum value he can rise is 20K or rise more if they ask for someone like him, but not too much.


Hey Chief,
if you’re talking about the price of a player (for example buy Özil for 16k or less) you’re talking about the prices on PS4, right?



Maurício Mozdzen



Lindelof for 12k, safe?


Hey Chief,

When i buy an IF from you best buy list, on average how much profit per card do you estimate i should make ?

Thanks man,


i just sold 2 ozils that i had for 22k so the price is rising


Hi, Chief. First, great call with your past top buys, as I have made quite a few 100k by following your recommendations. Now, I know some people are starting to believe that a totw sbc will not drop, especially based on the current totw quality. However, the totw sbc did not drop until around Jan. 15 last year, and I know quite a few 83s have dropped to near discard. I have picked up a few Kepas for 700-750 coins. Do you think that continuing to purchase 83s at this price is worth the investment? I suppose they cannot go lower. Also, what is your current feeling on a possible totw sbc?