FUT Headliners Gold Investment: Dembele

Player: Ousmane Dembele

Reasoning: EA just dropped the FUT Headliners. These players gold cards will be out of packs for the duration of the event.

As the La Liga League SBC was just released, people are still completing the challenge and many of the players are in high demand.

I expect Ousmane Dembele to increase while out of packs given his high rating and Barcelona’s high rating requirement for the challenge (80).

Target BUY: Less than 2,000 coins

Target SELL: Next week before he returns to packs.



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looks good


How Long are the Headliners in packs?


He’s already selling for 2,400+ on Xbox. Should we invest at that price?


I bought him for 1.7/1.8k in ps4


Hi Chief,
I already bought 20 times Dembele.
Is ‘t a good in vest u think?
And What is the exact date to sell him?

Thanks Chief


He answered both these questions on the post


Chief when is Housman going to return in packs?


HI chief. I have been too greedy and hold my invests on dembele and golovin otw. Should be wait until next week or sell at loss now? Thanks


Whats his ideal price for selling him?


So to be clear…. The OTW didn’t happen today, and so now it won’t happen at all? 10k is basically quick sell price. Are the OTW essentially useless now?

Stephen Cento

Is that sarcasm from you, Chief? 10k for 82 Dembele before he returns to packs…? I rarely see you give predictions on potential sale price and this one seems a bit crazy to me. Either way I know I’ll be lucrative.

I got 60 for around 1.7 and still looking for 40 or so more but prices are about 2 to 2.1k which I’m gonna just go for it as the overall avg will be less thank 2k for 100 Dembs.

Cheers mate!


Hi mate, would u say 250k is okay to invest into this?


Chief will the market continue to decrease like it did last year or should I invest in players?

Gabriel Vianna

Hi, Chefe. Im Brazilian, but i love your site because this Help me so much and I would like to know when I should sell them ( 17 dembeles )


Hi chief,

I just subscribe your $15 channel but i dont know how to find your tips and post for subscribers .. guide me


Hi chief,
Dembele is 2300 at the moment, and i bought them for 1800, should i sell them or keep them?

Thanks chief


Same question + if we keep him , than we keep him till which price?


I bought a shit ton of Murillos what shall i do?

Seungchan Yee

Dembele is 2000~2100 now. Should i buy him anyway?


hey chief

so we’ll have one headliners sbc per day? until next friday? any other player would you recommend? thanks in advance.


Hi chief. I did packed a headliner ziyech. You reckon I should hold on to him till the end of promo(will his price rise)or sell now?


I got Lukaku for 49k and he’s currently being sold for 40k. Should I sell him now to prevent further losses or will he rise again?


He will rise again


When do you reckon we should sell the dembele?
Many thanks


Got around 30 at 1.9-2.3k on PS4, what do we reckon he’ll rise to, 3-4k? Or is that being ambitious.

Cheers Chief


Okay nice one, thanks mate


He’s dropped to 2.3k you reckon he’ll rise?


Is it still safe to buy him now?

Many thanks