OTW Gold Investment: Alvaro Morata

Player: Alvaro Morata (Atletico)

Reasoning: In case you missed it, EA announced that Winter OTW will be released on Friday.

This means that gold cards of the players included in the OTW will be forced out of packs.

In most situations, this wouldn’t be a big deal. However, because these players have such a limited supply due to being recently introduced into FIFA, they see substantial rises when supply is cut off.

Most recently, we saw this with the likes of Gonzalo Higuaín (in TOTW 21).

It happened with Cesc Fabregas (TOTW 21) as well.

I expect similar results for Morata when he leaves packs on Friday.

Target BUY: 3,000 coins or less

Target SELL: Before he returns to packs.



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Gabriel Vianna

good night chef, can this happen with balotelli and davies too? And how much would you recommend picking them up if it does? Brazil send you kiss


He gone up to 3.6k as he is return to packs on Friday can we but at different day of time ?

Rayshan Dewnarain

Good night chief, when will Morata drop to 3k?


When you say Thursday during rewards, is that at 6pm?


8am UK time


Chief I want to buy gold umtiti. He is currently fallen to 48 k. will he fall more or should I sell?

Fut Daddy

If he does rise, why would anyone buy him? What is the point of him rising when none will be selling?

Lavar Ball

I don’t think anyone is going to buy a Morata for like 8k or even 5k. He’s just not worth any of that

Lavar Ball

Can you please answer the question? How will there be any demand for him if he’s an overpriced bad card?


hi chief, the icon event wont affect the morata price? is it still safe to buy for 3k in this circunstances?

Lavar Ball

Is Morata a better mass investment or baumann?


Hi Chief, will this Friday’s promotions drive the market down much? Am considering selling my expensive players before then


I Remember him answering a question yesterday similar to this, he said yes sell them in case there is a promo going on too, check the Q A thread case I might be wrong too

David Rodriguez

Hey Chief I am kind of confused right now because the ea post and your post have the card from Atletico but there is no card like that in the market only from premier league.


Hey chief, some baby icons are plummeting in price due to the Prime Moments announcement. Will they rebound when the promo starts?

Rizuan Malik

which morata to buy chief? chelsea or atletico?


Hi Chief,

how much will he climb? What do you think?

Bought around 60 for ~3300. I know its always good when i´m happy with the profit.

But i prefer more profit than less profit 🙂

cheers & greets from ger.


an what about other OTW Predictions like Murillo ? think he will rise too.

What do you think?



Hi, Chief. Is it worth to invest Murillo now for OTW this Friday around 1,000 coins as your previous post? Thank you.

Nicolò Marino

when will he return into the packs? ths boss


Hey Chief, unrelated but should I sell my UCL Live Nacho Fernandez rn? He’s up to 250k at the moment. I think he’ll get panic sold as Real will most likely beat Ajax. Thinking of selling him now and then buying him again later. Good or nah?


So just before or during the game?


Do you think they’ll win against Ajax?


Hey boss , please answe this, I have Pogba in my club he is going around 260 k rn .. will he go up more cuz of the informs or no he will go down because of promos ?

Anthony Rossi

I’ve got a Witsel OTW hes due a plus 2 upgrade he’s price has gone up 40k this week when’s best time to sell ?

Anthony Rossi

Fair play chief will sell before Friday


Target SELL: Before he returns to packs. Can you please tell when that is? I bought around 40-50 Morata’s for 2500-3000


Manage to buy some morata for 750😂😂


I an thinking about investing 50k on this card. Is it a safe investment? When does he return to the packs?


Where Can we find out that info when ea announce it?