Thursday’s Squad Thread – Week 29

While this site is dedicated to trading and making coins, the whole point of doing so is to build squads we enjoy playing with. I’m curious, who are you guys using? What formations are you running? Any recent breakthroughs with your gameplay? Link your teams in the comments below.

Chief’s Current Squad

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I really just play with what’s fun, and I want my end-game to be 11/11 untradeables (soon).

Barely even play PvP; I do a lot of Squad Battles because my actual FIFA skill is trash and I need to improve.

Squad may be hilarious overkill to that end, but I enjoy it, and this compensates for me being such a bad player!


1. The game is shit
2. Play 4 2 3 1
3. Timing is done
4. Pavard is also a good rb
5. Sell toty de gea for gold de yea. Goalies are really inconsistent and alot ally of YouTuber’s and pros say there is 0 to no difference . Try courtois also
6. Never use the same players too much. Sometimes they hold you down
Quick question also what tots investments should we make ?


Chief: “Post your squads!”
Arscene: “K since you asked, here’s my 5-point critique of your 50 million coin lineup”


He literally also asked “who are you guys using. What formations are you running? Any recent breakthroughs with your gameplay? “

I want to but Mbappe since i already have rashdord totw .I’ll probably sell umtiti ,rashford , Richarlison for the market crash . Any tips or advice ?


Is Varane good? I have used Ramos and really enjoyed his strength, defensively play and headers. Varane looks really fresh with his speed but is he a good defenders strength-wise?

EDIT: And people really enjoy to play with Mbappe, so give him a try! πŸ™‚ Haven’t used him myself (don’t link well to my other players) but would be fun to try him out, maybe as a supersub one day….


Varane is God like . You know how pace matters only a little this fifa . Varane has 84 which makes him as fast as some toty Mbappe’s I face . Try him out He’s great . Also scores some amazing headers from the middle off corners . Great workrates and defending . A complete package tbh


Okay, you convinced me. Will try him out.


I second varane, can’t bring myself to use Ramos, as a Juve and Liverpool fan it would make my eyes bleed to look at my team if he were in it.

Swap mbappe to st, Neymar rm, Socrates cf
OR lately trying 4-2-2-2 with mbappe/neymar up top and sane/socrates as cam’s

Have about 1 mil to trade with but losing interest on that front. The grind was worth it though!


Haters gonna hate – I play 4231 in game btw


The only position im thinking about ist Hummels, a little clumsy and lame… :/ what do you think?

Augustinsson is wrong on the picture πŸ˜€ must be alaba, hes red carded on the bench atm πŸ˜€


Get CB Witsel, fits perfectly in your team for Hummels.


Nice idea thanx, atm hes hyped because of swapping with CDM boateng -.-


Roberto carlos = good player


yo chief how do you get so good


Hi Chief,

Great squad. I notice most people use the 4-4-3 formation. Have you always used this formation so you just stick with it, or have you tried and tested others, and prefer this one?

Also – I have 92 rank Nesta, how do you get him to 94 rank? Sorry as I’m sure I’m missing something obvious.

Last point – Van Dijk is the best DC, anyone else agree??!!



its maldini 94 boy


πŸ™‚ #awkward. Sorry!! Great spot! Thanks Dieter.

I think I should of gone to Specsavers πŸ™‚


hey messeaged you on futchief bussiness please respond , thanks!


Got 2 teams atm, with a lot of in game position changes (waiting for 7 fut swap players for Meunier).
1: (Switch De Ligt & Van Dijk, Frenkie De Jong as CAM ingame tactics, Vieira & de ligt as box 2 box)
2: (Casemiro as CB, Salah as CAM ingame, Lukaku & Marcelo as box 2 box, Williams as ST, Baggio as RF, Meunier as LB)
I play with a very low defensive back line and consistently have Gold 2 or better in weekend league since playing more defensively and focusing on counter-attacks.


Hey chief, when do u is the best time to buy my team do u think?


Would it still be ok if i bought it around Thursday or Friday? What day would be the best to buy within the next week?

Steven Howard

Want to thank Chief for helping me get this squad. I am not any good. Division 5 get promoted to 4 then straight back down again.


Have 2.5 million coins. Is it better to buy 94 best for 2.3 or do the SBC for 1.9 in hopes that I get something back with packs from sbc?


Hiya mate, you could possibly use rm marcelo and have a more allround right back, he is fast skillfull and strong defensive player too! To het full chem switch david luiz and gomez


Maybe I will try that. Wondwr if he is quick enough and the left foot issue on RM position


92 pace 5* skill 4* weakfoot


Any thoughts to improve this? Have about 200k…

I have recently changed to possession play, and although its a slow build up if you keep the ball you can easily break down the opponents defence. But it is a very slow tactic.

Israel Xavier

De Gea mate! =D


True thats true, may get him you know. Great Shout!

Matteo Any thoughts? Let me know, nakata, otamendi and david silva are untradeable.


Here’s my fun squad. I know there are better players in the game but I want only Icons on the pitch πŸ™‚

Currently doing Moore, Laudrup and Yashin to have some subs …


Now that’s a great squad!
I’m wondering how many of your players did you got tru out SBC?
I’m thinking a lot since you mencant that you are currently doing Moore, Laudrup and Yasin.

Purely out of interest I’m wondering why you chose for untreatable players? Aside from buying them a bit cheaper tru out SBC, are there any more advantages you get by having a untreatable squad?


True, only 3 icons are tradable. The advantage of doing SBC’s of players you want is that you can do it step by step. I am doing a lot of league SBC’s and use the reward players for the icons SBC’s. I always sell the expensive players I get from the packs and keep the rest in my club. That’s why I always have 1000 players in my club and almost every SBC is for free. This combined with some pack luck and trading wins helped me to get this squad. Of course I cannot sell those players, but why should I?? If I get tired of an Icon I use it for a better icon SBC. Hope this helps


Never thought of it like that, always saw those SBC’s as worthless. Very cool way to build a team.
Thanks for sharing!


Another question, are you repeating some league SBC’s and then wish in your opinion are most rewarding? Or are you doing all of them?


I’m doing the big four (PL, Laliga, Serie A and Bundesliga). Especially laliga is pretty nice. Cheap teams, good packs and high rated rewards. Did it already more than 10 times…