Q & A Tuesday – Week 30

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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A little unrelated to the market but regarding your CBP extension, would you use the 59th minute or look for specific players. Asking as I am thinking about subscribing for FIFA 20.


Do if cards crash as hard as normal gold cards do during market crashes? I have if di maria and ucl live cavani, and I’m wondering if I ought to sell them before the crash and re buy them back during TOTS or just hold on to them.


No not during all market crashes. But mostly they do go down a little also. Usualy not worth the trouble of selling and reinvesting later on. But for the market crash starting when they release the TOTS players (last year starting beginnings of May). It will crash big times. You must have sold your hole team when they started releasing the first TOTS cards. Buy Back beginnings of June when the market is at its absolut lowest, and you are absolute liquid. This is only if they timed it at the same time as the did last year.


What about investing in Belotti for about 1000? He is likely going to be totw 30 and he is used for Torino sbc.


Will hectors price rise a bit or should i sell now and not make as much profit?


Hello guys/ladies,

I have 1.5 million to spend on a icon, can somebody please recomend me there favourite icon preferably a striker. May also be more then one ofcourse.

Thank you in advance!!

Del piero

Prime del piero as st <3

Danny Boy

The king pele


FIFA 19, Please I would like to call out to all my fellow FIFA players, The people of FIFA have to be called to a stop. FIFA has made their game a corrupt business model, pretending to be a for all ages approved video game. With the great idea of giving the FIFA fans something extra they gave us FUT, FIFA Ultimate Team. This is a way of creating your own squad with an up to date player data of all the real clubs in the world. Currently over 10 million people have their own FUT squad. Where all these people have to earn their FUT coins (virtual FIFA coins) trough out challenges online or offline. Or on the transfer market where everybody can sell their players or buy there players in a realistic transfer system. Here you can buy a player directly or bid against other online bidders for the same players. You will earn 100.000 virtual coins a week if you play the game working or studying hours let’s say 4 hours a week. This is only for playing the game, as they game is intended to. This will give you if you buy the game directly in… Read more »




Please sign the petition here,

Thank you!


Maybe play some other game or accept how Fifa works and play for fun? You don’t Think people who spend more time in game deserves better team than you who spend 4 hours per week?

Del piero

Is it still worth holding if schwolow?


Will Eriksen UCL live card rise in value, if spurs win a solid win tonight?


If they score first or Spurs are leading during the game, i would sell quick


Eriksen does not have a live card you got that wrong. It is only a TOTGS and a normal CL card card wont rise sorry.


I hit the jackpot invest heavy in 3 england players Loftus Cheek , Jagielka and Maddison. Because of that MM UEFA they have now gone up crazy. Should I just sell out now or I am thinking might as well hold and hope they get in TOTW as then they should go higher in few days? MM UEFA is still 44 hours yet so could sell Wednesday or Thursday? But guess Chief best choice would be to just sell them all through tonight and tomorrow? πŸ™‚ Thanks for always great tips and love your site. Hope soon to be able to support you when I start streaming again on Twitch. Will recommend you to viewers and also I hope to become Patreon/subscriber in near future or 100% from fifa 20 πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work.


What about Investing in Icons at Max. 320.000 ? I hope for prime icon sbc during eastern.


thx chief, but if we assume there would be a prime icon sbc just like the middle and baby icons sbcs, do you think an icon would be necessary for the requirements?


just trust me next time πŸ˜€ I have invested 5 millions….and there is the sbc!!! hell yeahh. when do you think I should sell these icons, I bought it for max 320.000


Do you think getting some 80 rated UCL players a good investment for potential UCL Moments SBC where they will ask for 11 UCL players like Manolas and Kurazawa?


Hey chief if i want to buy ucl alex telles for my team when would be the best time to buy him since they are probably not going to progress any further?


There’s a uefa UCL live repeatable due, wait for that, his price will drop loads , supply will rise considerably.


Whenever I’m on this website it says you are currently offline on twitch. How often/when do you stream there?


This Friday, POTM Premier League will be released. Any thoughts on investment on Fabinho?


It’s too late to really invest in them though no? they have gone up considerably

Charlie T

Hi, I’ve just started a Gold Subscription with you – how do I access all the goodies?




Have just recently started trading. Have been following your TOTW IFs and it have so far been a great success. So thanks a lot for that! Read in another topic that you typically recommend to buy and sell within about one week to maximize the ROI. I typically buy between Wednesday and Sunday for 13k and less, and then sell on Thursday and Friday. Do you agree with this, or should I buy and sell at other times?

I’ve bought about 130 IF Schwolow. He has only increased about 1k, but I guess he will increase a little more tomorrow and Friday. Even if he only increases to 15k or 16k, do you still think it will be the best idea to sell tomorrow and Friday and then reinvest in your next TOTW IF investment? Or would it better to maybe wait a week more for him to increase even more, but then don’t invest in the next TOTW IF investment?

And do you think it’s fine to invest all your money in one TOTW IF card instead of spredding it out and maybe invest 50% in TOTW and 50% in your TOTW Gold investment?


What to invest after the totw came out? and schwolow didn’t go up the rice i invested, do i wait or sell him now, i mean i buyed him for about 13k but i have some that i bought for less? And i packed blue Sane 87 fro yesterday marquee matchups, do i wait to sell him or do i sell him now?


Who should I invest in right now?


Would you recommend investing in Lewandowski given he is out of packs now and is high rated Bundes player for Bundes POM?

Gabriel Vianna

hello chief, I have many sommer bought at 1800k, do you think it’s a good wait for the potm?