Q & A Tuesday – Week 33

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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if tadic goes for totw 33 his ucl tott card will increase its price? and what about invest on weghorst gold? worthy?

Gabriel Vianna

What you think about Funes Mori 81 in 15,5k ? Nice ?

Gabriel Vianna

reformulating my question, I wanted to say if it’s a good time to sell or can it still go up higher?


Hey chief, regarding your recent recommendation of Keita, are marquee matchups for champions league matches usually released on the same day as the match?


Ah ok, so would your guess be that they are released this week for the first leg or next week for the second leg?


Chief, when you post price recommendations for cards, are those under PS, Xbox or PC prices on Futbin

Zach Fleming

Been saving up coin for Messi. Do I buy him now or wait for this tots market crash? Kinda new to all this, it’s like learning a new language. Thanks chief!

Mr Krabs

I think TOTS is starting later this week or next, so I’d definitely wait for the crash. There’s going to be a lot of packs opened with a fresh supply of players and few buyers, prices have to drop if they wanna sell.


Thanks for the advice Krabs. I will probably hold off in that case. Cheers!


Chief, what do you think about investing in 83 CL Cards?


Hey Chief

Playing on PC and new to investing. So you say to buy the good IF picks like Diego Carlos and Halstenberg for around 15k what would the PC buy-price be then? Like 18-19k?
Also what is usually the point when the totw cards are highest? is it after they leave packs? because i bought some Diegos and sold them with like 1-2k margin but it didnt feel like they really got much higher since last week.

best regards and thx already


thx sir


What do you think about investment in Robben 85 for the upcoming potm?
He goes for 13 k now, han laste time he went op to 22 k?


Chief should we sell our teams on Thursday in anticipation of TOTS starting? If not Thursday, what day do you recommend?


So sad I didn’t see that one πŸ™


Season end!
When the season end and you loose your team,
– how can you secure some of your coins from season 19 to season 20.
Is their any way of doing that?

Thanks for a great site!,
Im close to be a subscriber, will do for next season πŸ˜‰


Hi chief,
do you think special cards that are out of packs like FFS Havertz and Carniball Jesus will drop a lot during TOTS? Will their lowest also be at BPL TOTS or would Havertz be cheaper during Bundesliga TOTS? I want to buy them but not sure when…


Hi Chief,

Is there any way you know of to view/use/sell players who have disappeared into your unassigned pile beyond the initial 50? I’m guessing there’s not and this is just a fallback of having infinite storage but I live in hope lol.

Jamie White

Damn. Just gotta regulate it wisely I guess, should have thought of that lol!


chief will you invest in the low rated and cheapest tots with regards to the guaranteed sbc like in fifa 18?


Hello do you think the panic caused by the TOTS date announcement will cause the prices to be lower than at the time the first TOTS come out? (non BLP)

John Flame

In preparation for the SBCs coming up with TOTS, would investing in 83s and 84s be a good strategy? If so, which ones and when?

John Flame

Thanks, Chief! Also, thanks for the live stream yesterday. It was nice to finally see the man behind the feathered headdress and to get live answers to investing questions.


Just bought my BPL team some days ago and then I just read your post about waiting for the BPL TOTS for prices to fall. Should I sell my team and wait for the BPL TOTS release?

Also bought Tadic at 18k on ps4. Should I keep or sell?


Hi chief,
Please could you help me with my current team and some good players for me to become better?
Thanks in advance,


Thanks for the help….(in advance)



i have loads of tadic ucl tott but i want to rebuy my team next week during tots so i’d need his money before that. is it a good idea to list all tadics all at once with high prices for those lazy buyers or is it better to just list a few of them? listing 70 items is bad or not? i mean, it would probably make other sellers to drop their prices? cheers


thanks sir, i did this.

August Ames

Did any sell?


Would you say investing in gold rare 75+ at 600/650 is a good investment in preparation of TOTS for potential sbcs?


Hey chief, when tots is out, will the gold cards of players who got a tots receive a rise in price due to the regular gold not being in packs, or will it go down due to the hype around tots, thanks!