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John Flame

Hi Chief,

Are we going to pick an investment or are we waiting on Community/EPL TOTS this Friday?

John Flame

Good thoughts as always, Chief. I appreciate your advice and diligence in answering our questions!


i invested in UCL LIVE davinson sanchez do you think they will win tonight. ( i am hyped already)


Spurs have wonnnn yes when do i have to sell sanchez


hahaha this match is no problem for ajax


Peter Davidson

Not a chance mate, sell now

Peter Davidson

Unbelievable Jeff


Good call mate ;)


Chief, as a Sporting fan i really want Bruno Fernandes (even knowing he will proably get a TOTS). Do you recommend buying it today or tomorrow?


Hi Chief,

I was initially waiting for PL TOTS to start buying back a team but have heard a few things about buying it back sooner rather than later. My understanding was that the market will be at its lowest in a week or twos time and then stay around that sort of point for the rest of the season – am I right in holding out to buy a team back or would you do it sooner rather than later? Conflicting advice leaves you a bit lost. Appreciate your help always mate.


Thanks mate!


Hiw long does it take aftee paid for subscription to recieve the emails and everything else


Do you suppose Fernando 82 ST / Cabella 82 CAM price will see a bump once TOTS / Lightening Rounds are released on Friday?

Assuming these prices will increase over time as one of the cheapest 82 IFs at the moment.

Leyton Rob

Good Morning Chief,

Seeing as the gods have been kind to the PL teams for the Champions league is it wise to invest in the Spurs players.(liverpool being kinda high right now)
Im thinking there will be a SBC Liverpool – Spurs.


Hi futchief! I have four UCL live Aurier bought for around 230K. Thought he would rise after Spurs got past Ajax yesterday but not sure thatโ€™s the case, should I sell now and take a loss or do you think he will rise again?


Hey fut chief I have invested in Sergio Rico inform and he is out of packs but his price is not rising.


Hi Chief!

Will Icons as well as other players be affected by TOTS coming up?,
so better to wait to buy Icons 17. May or later?


Do you think we may get liverpool and spurs final sbc?


Would you say next Friday is be the best day to buy a team given the amount of packs being opened? Or the following days as more packs get opened?