Q & A Tuesday – Week 40

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Were do we have to invest now ?


I only have 50K to invest


Do you have any snipe suggestions for me? I have a 500k budget.. should I go with TOTS? And which ones atm?

ishmam njhal

I’m sorry to disturb you
But as I said before 84 rated rare gold moussa dembele, the totenham mid got transfered to a Chinese club.
And the market. Seems have quite low supply


I have 20 Cavani bought for 40k. Do you think he will rise a bit today


Well, he is now at about 45k. I won’t lose coins at least haha. Ty!


How is the sniping filter working, I dont understand it. Its not a price range like it was before. Please help me out with that


what do you think of the aouar sbc?


Hey chief , for the ultimate tots sbc is investing in 85s and perhaps 84s a good idea ? I am skeptical about 84s just wanted to check with you


Ok will definitely do

Gabriel Vianna

hi chief, I wonder if I could make a payment referring to 6 months contract, 6 months a total of 90 dollars layer bronze. would have a way for me to make a deposit into your account as I am from Brazil that would make things easier for me and I would pay 6 months in advance for you. help me pls

Krešimir Tus

Why didn’t fekir raise in price during guarantee TOTS sbc?


Hi Chief,

I want to sell Mbappe FB and Mendy FS and buy Mané TOTS.

I wonder, in your opinion, which option is better:

1) make this trade now (expecting that Mane will rise as it comes near the weekend)

2) make it thursday/friday (expecting that Mbappe and Mendy rise more than Mane as people build squads around their Ligue 1 rewards)?

Thank you very much for all the content,


Hey Chief,
Is it wise to invest on 83s good nation/league for ROW guarantee SBC?
as the leaked code shows its`s coming


tanx for reply dude

Rhys Payne

I have invested in 3 headliners pepes for Ligue 1 tots for 85k and now he is 120k. Do you think he will rise much more than this or should I sell now as I know players often go up after WL rewards but I also think he might be a highly invested in player so his price may decrease if he’s been over invested in. Thanks

Rhys Payne

Any preference out of today or tomorrow or is it too hard to say? Thanks again.

Rhys Payne

No problem, thanks. Also, for the ultimate tots sbc what do you think would yield a better ROI: 84+ rated players from good leagues and nations or cheap tots players from good leagues and nations. Unsure as 84+ rated players will go up but maybe not much as they will mostly still all be in packs and tots players will most likely be required for the guaranteed sbc and the cheaper ones won’t be in packs but normally 84+ rated player investments have a solid ROI. Thanks

Jayden Hancock

Will the ultimate tots be in weekend league rewards next week


I wanted to do viera sbc. When should I do it? Is the price going to drop?


When is the best day to buy tots izzo for my team?


Elroy Room was MOTM for Curacao in the Gold Cup when they beat Honduras in the Gold Cup. Do you think he would be a good investment with low risk in case he gets a TOTW next week?

Rhys Payne

Do you have any idea on why there has suddenly been a massive crash in prices for the regular cards of the ultimate tots? Ronaldo has gone down 200k mbappe has gone down 40k messi 100k etc. Also do you think they’ll recover maybe on Tuesday or Thursday after the SBC and WL rewards?