Q & A Tuesday – Week 41

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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If todays Ultimate TOTS SBC requires an 87 rated team + two TOTS, what do you reckon the price of TOTS 85-89 will be? Right now I´ve invested in a couple of 88 Soucek and 88 Vanaken at around 23k.


Hey Chief,

I’d like to sell TOTS VVD and buy CR7 (gold) + a few other players.
The question is when is the best time to sell VVD and buy CR7 respectively?

Thanks in advance!


Right, thanks for the tip.
Probably gonna hold on to him until Thurs / Fri and hope that VVD increases more than CR7 increases. I’m gonna do it anyway for the WL (no time for wasting since it’s the end of the game cycle – better have some fun instead).

Thank you!


Hey chief ,
Any good investment opportunities for today, before the ultimate Sbc?


Do you recommend to buy an icon?


When are futties coming out


Hi chief,

Will there be a market crash after tots?

Thnx for reply


I’m balls deep in inform Carlos Fernandez, still a good investment you reckon?


Do you think it is worthwhile to invest in cards like mbappe who have fallen tremendously in price or do you think they will continue to crash?


Hi chief,

I brought 5 FUT Stars Aouars at 320k

The price has fallen through the floor. Do you think they will rise or cut my losses now?

Thanks in advance.

Rhys Payne

Do you know if the player picks for the coming weekend league will be Ultimate TOTS or some kind of TOTS? I keep hearing rumours but don’t know what to believe and therefore don’t know whether to do it or not as if it’s TOTW as normal I probably won’t do it.


I got extra lucky yesterday evening and packed the Goat. Now I have to build a squad around him. I got 700K in coins and 2-300 more if I sell most of my players.

Untradables that are optional to use are: Tots navas Tots halstenberg Flashback iniesta

https://www.futbin.com/19/squad/8821374 (I marked Ramos, varane and courtois as untradable for better overview of the squad cost, but they are tradable)

And here is one I drew up: https://www.futbin.com/19/squad/8821353

Would really appreciate any advise you guys might have. Thanks a lot in advance!