TOTW Investment: Dante

Player: Dante

Reasoning: The Brazilian defender had the winner in stoppage time to give Nice a 2-1 victory over Amiens. This earned him MOTM honors and will likely earn him a spot when TOTW returns on Wednesday as well.

As a result, his gold card will be forced out of packs. I expect this cut in supply to cause a nice (no pun intended) increase in price.

Target BUY: XBOX Less than 2k. PS4 Less than 2k. PC Less than 2.5k.

Target SELL: Before he returns to packs on Wednesday, August 21st.



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Hey chief, is it a good idea to invest in CF>CAM cards? Do you think they will shoot back up in price once the weekly objectives are over?

Isaac Rhea

Not a lot of Dante on the market, but his price hasn’t gone up. Would you continue holding or is his price unlikely to go up?


What reason would people want to buy Dante for even if he is out of packs? He doesn’t seem to be rising just yet


Of course, but what if there is no specific requirements for him?


Supply for Dante seems to have increased a bit and his price has dipped down to around 700-800. Would you stick this one out?