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Cheapest 82? Ahah


i packed tammy abrham, should i hold or sell now. I am on xbox


Gerard Moreno is 10k know should i buy him and keep him in my club?


i have 53k what should i invest with?


What would a good price for Rodri be on PS4? I can see that Hernandez is already at max price.


Roger. Currently I have Akanji (25k) and IF Aurier (17k) in my club from packs. Would you sell now or wait? Especially Akanji has been quite hyped here in the start due to his stats.


is there any player i can invest with now becouse i have 150k :)
i opened some packs and got good players
and also rodri is 18k on ps4


Do I hold on or sell inform Benzema ? Currently got 20k +if Benzema so have a bit spare to invest with.


Should I sell IF Aurier (17-18k) and Akanji (25k) or wait for potential rise? Akanji seems quite hyped.


Ibrahimovic 25 k should i buy him ( 86 rated inform)


Hi Chief, what should we invest in except top buys, are Ifs profitable?

Tan Blatchman

Hey Chief,

As your top buys are at their max BIN right now, is it logical that EA will raise the max BINs?

Cheers mate.


Hi chief.
Is tadic 84 rated for 1.8k a good investment?
The chepest 84 rated at the moment, and he might be good for Sbc’s.



Will players such as Konate and Joe Gomez rise? Quite low and could be good for WL


82 IF Monreal at 10-11k, good investement? Last year Spanish full-backs went up a lot, as there were good for SBCs.

Lee Cattermole

I packed Dybala in an sbc pack and he is currently selling for 110k. Should I keep or sell?


I would keep


Hi Chief,

I packed 87 Hummels and Areola. Should I sell them or wait and see if they rise in price?


I have IF Nani and 18k coins, What should I Invest in and should I keep or sell IF Nani?


What players are top buys to snipe?


got 25k what specific player should i flip and snip? thx


Hi Chief, I don’t want to trade only, I enjoy playing the game but I want to get a better team, currently have 70k on PC, what do you recomend, take half for my team and play and use the other half to trade? or just ignore the games for now and keep trading with the whole budged until the full release?

Daniel Argudo

Chief, I got 85 rated koke for 4k. He is 5k now. Hold on to full release or sell now? I think he Will go up, but not sure.
Thank u. Good to be back

Daniel Argudo

thats actually helpful chief, but i believe its more for when the game is at full speed up and running.
My logic here is that not everyone has ea access or is compatible with the web app, when the game is fully out i predict that majority of the cards will rise. i think solely on the fact that an 85 card for 4k was s good snipe, but since the card is the worse 85 card there is, i wasnt too sure. i wanted ur opinion on this.


hi chief! i got 30k what should i invest in or wich player should i flip?




Should I sell Nico Schulz or keep him?


Now that Hernandez has been updated on xbox, he’s 35k, sniper him yesterday for 15k. Do I sell him and ndombele (8.5->21k) now or hold until when?