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So what should we do with Pereira now? Try to sell as fast as possible or wait a little bit?


I would sell him. His price is declinging right now and while he might get back up again, right now there are better investments


Thanks for your advice sagana – but like futchief also said there might be a panic sell and maybe its better to put them up consistently.


Yes, I sold mine for the 16k I bought them for. I agree that a lot of the dip in his price will be panic sells, but should that make a difference for us? The fact will be that his price will take a dip and if I want to invest in him getting up again I might as well still sell him now and rebuy him later once he has settled at a lower price. That being said, I was able to make a lot of snipes on Cresswell that are looking way better right now than forcing that 500 coins extra I might could have gotten on Pereira.


Thats what I have thought too. Thanks a lot Futchief ๐Ÿ™‚


sell TAA now and invest in de jong or hold him


is it a mistake that I sold 2 of my 4 right now for 35,250? I had bought them for 25k. WIll hold the other 2 as well as my auriers i guess until it is easier to acquire de jong or you release another investment


Got 5 coutinho on the transfer list. When do you think its the best time to sell him considering that he will be oop cuz of totw and otw




Hey chief what do we do now? When to sell their gold cards?


Hello my friend, I have x10 TAA when is the best time to sell?


When we should buy de jong?


Hi chief,
Could you explain why you thin we should invest in those โ€œtop buysโ€? Cheers


Ok so basically try buy as many of the top buys as youโ€™ve said, and they come out of packs Friday?
And then we should expect to see a price raise from when?


Cheers Boss ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ


Chief I got investments in Cresswell, Pulisic, and Brozovic. About 120k left and not seeing any Frenkie’s. Worth investing the rest in top buys? or would you recommend looking at a Joelington for OTW? Thanks!

Tan Blatchman

Hey Chief,

Time to cash in on those Auriers?

Cheers mate.


Hey chief, I want gold Delaney in my team. He is selling for max price because he just came into packs. Do you see him dropping in price or going extinct and having his price range updated?


Will de gea go up how much, worth to buy now for 78 k and sell in a week?


Why do you think cresswells price will rise? I know he is out of the packs, but is he useable…? Will ppl want to buy him?


Hey Chief! I bought like 30 Cresswells after your tip. He was 1300 at that moment but now he suddenly is like 900. Should i still hold because he is now going to rise because of being out of packs?

Raul Metz

Hey Chief. TAA is back down at 30k after rising to 40k. Do you think he will rise back up?


Would like to buy brozovic for.my squad. Is he also a good investment?


Inform. Already bought him cause I mad quite a good deal with bidding on him. 17k is alright I guess

Aviv Kaplan

Hey chief
Would you invest in 86 rated players? They are going for less than 10K now and I believe I can get them tomorrow at rivals rewards at less than 9K

Aviv Kaplan

What do you think of lindelof?
2K for a perm CB with 74 pace and 82 defending
Will he rise to 5k?


Heya futchief,
I just finished my serie a team with immobile (16k buy) and donnaruma (9k buy) in. I’m a little worried about expensive golds… Reckon these will decline or rise?


In that case would it be worth selling the majority of rare golds and totw 2 in my teams to rebuy them on Friday?


I have a total of 130k. Would u suggest using all of it on Alexander Arnold once more? If not what would you suggest doing? Thanks


I packed a Bonucci. Should i sell it now (it’s 10k) or wait when EA release SBC’s, cuz he is a 86 rated?


Hey Chief!
I invested in 10x Lo Celso – snipped them at 10k, and now I see that on PC the prices are 7-8k..
I thought that EA will update the price rangess..
What should I do? Pleasehelp.
Also, I own Kane. What should I do with him?
Also, when to sell Ndombele?
thanks alot buddy and waiting for your answer