TOTW 4 Gold Investment: Ziyech

Player: Hakim Ziyech

Reasoning: The Ajax CAM had 2 assists and MOTM honors in a 2-0 victory over ADO Den Haag. He is set for a spot in TOTW 4 and would be forced out of packs from October 9th to October 16th.

Currently, Ziyech is one of the cheapest 85 rated players. This provides a nice buffer for the investment.

In addition, the upcoming Icon Swaps promotion is set to be released on Friday. There is a good chance that some of the objectives for these could include high rated SBCs. At the moment, high rated cards like Ziyech are quite cheap, but this event could cause them to rise as a whole.

Target BUY: XBOX 8k or less. PS4 8k or less. PC 9k or less.

Target SELL: Before he returns to packs on Wednesday, October 16th. Historically, OOP (out of packs) investments peak around the day before they return to packs.



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Hey Chief,

I’ve put in over £130 in Fifa points and haven’t packed a marquee player. I’ve been looking at your posts and invested in some of your suggestions. If they work out for the best, I guess you’ll be taking my money and not Fifa!

Greg Metcalfe

Already way over that target price Chief


9.5 k on xbox, should we still jump in?


Catch them on bid man I’ve gotten 5 for under 8k


Exactly.. i see this all the time with these ”tips”. Yeah great, offcourse you should buy players that are way under their ”target” price.


Thats a very nice way by itself to profit “chief” ahahah

Pedro Fernandes

Chief, he is currently at 8.7k at xb1! Still a good move? Thank you


only 12k max buy now


Hello chief,
When will be ndidi Back in pack? Now price in xbox is 1700 and i buy them for 2000. Wait or sell without profit? Thank for reply


what about Herrmann?
He was Player of the Match “Gladbach – Augsburg” with 2 goals and one assist.
I only invested in ~5 Herrmanns (no more money :/ )
But he’s rising heavily (at least on PC).


Thanks for your feedback:)


Chief when do I sell my Ndidi’s that were on your top buys last week. They’ve only gone down in price will the go up soon?

Raul Caceres

Why did Theo got out he is no longer a pick?


When do you think Milner will reach his highest? I bought a ton for about 1k. Wondering whether the investment was intended for totw or sbc?


Hi Chief, do you think Steven Bergwijn from PSV would be a good investment because he had quite a good game this weekend?


Hi Chief

this is my first time coming across the website…. just out of interest , should I expect every top buy to make profit or is will there be some tips that might not?



10 freeking ndidi’s even at a loss of 10k to get them shifted still dont get me 1 ziyech haha

The worse thing after finally getting rid of the waste of space after a week of trying! I packed Ndidi untradable…… lmao✊😂🤣


I feel like this could have been a protected post for a day to give us a chance to beat the rush. I work nights and keep getting left behind, despite being a subscriber. :'(


Ah okay, I also notice a website issue. Whenever I go onto the homepage, it only shows me posts from the 4th and backwards. New posts don’t appear there for some reason? Is there something I need to change? Sorry for the spam, by the way, just trying to get clued up!


Excellent, that worked a treat! Thanks man.


any recommendation for any players to invite?


Hello chief, honestly I’m a newbie in trading and investment on fifa, so I wanna ask that we should buy Ziyech right now and invest him for sell on 15th october, right?


You’re too late to buy Ziyich now, invest elsewhere


why too late? is the price is too high right now?


is not too high because EA will change the price range of this card

Anthony Deweirdt

How do you think about Dennis (vs. Real Madrid) and then a goal last weekend?


Could Robertson increase if milner get a if and should i sell him?


Do you think Milner will rise if he makes it in the totw? because ndidi did not.


Wow this one bombed

Rony Schwarts

I have 6 hradecky 5 Theo Hernandez 1 plea 1 jorginho When is the best time to sell them now When they are in totw

Rony Schwarts

Please fast answer im worried 🤔

Rony Schwarts

So you mean i should not be worried and wait until the last day of totw

Rony Schwarts

Could you possible say about how much profit i could make on ps4?


Is adama traoTe a good investment as he is not on the market