Q & A Tuesday – Week 7

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Stephen Cone

What are some passive investments that should give me nearly a guaranteed profit in a week?


Since they didn’t do well, what should we invest in?


MM leaks this week? 🙏


Did you get them?


Did you get?


Cheap and bad GKs in my opinion… had used Stegen, Alisson, Neto and Ederson. All suck!
UCL Areola is actually being pretty solid and far better than all of those. And he´s even more cheaper! lol


I use Oblak and he’s a god (i did use Ederson, Alisson, De GEA, Neuer, Burki, Lloris and Areola, none of them are Close to oblak)


Why are GK so cheap this year?


All of them

Walter White

When should we expect lower rated meta gold prices (specifically 82s-84s, i.e. Dembele, Moura, Martial, Semedo, etc.) to go down to normal price ranges (10k max price)? I know golds have gone down a bit, but prices are still inflated for these players. I’m just weary of buying players to use because the prices fall so quickly so I don’t want to be stuck with these cards or take a huge loss. I just had a bad experience with Allan, who I got for 65k to do an objective, but I couldn’t sell him after 2 days and he’s down to 38k now although he’s a meta Brazilian from a good league.

Walter White

If you need to keep your team to play Rivals and WL, when would the safest time be to sell these lower rated meta players? Right before Black Friday or other special events? The reason I ask is when people panic sell it drives the market down and you incur heavy losses.


Best time to sell a card is rewards Thursday through to Friday evening any week regardless.

Walter White

Yes, I know that, but I’m asking about selling these lower rated meta cards at the same price I bought them at or slightly lower without incurring a huge loss. I also don’t sell my team every week because I play throughout the week.


Now that there are league SBC is it okay to stock up on if Cazorla?


Wouldn’t ifs usually be required?


Cheap 84’s and 85’s seems to be on the rise again. Should we invest if they eventually Fall again?


hi chief ! i am a subscriber for 5 dollar a month. didnt get the password for the protected posts. could u pls send it to my email adress ?
greets Phillip


how can i do that ?


Does OTW Pulisic get a price range increase with him getting a TOTW?


What are your general thoughts on completing SBCs, such as marquee match ups, that have packs as rewards. When, if ever, are they worth the gamble?


They are always worth it just don’t buy the players, only use untradeables and you get 5 free packs with players you were never gonna use for anything else. I’ve packed so many good players from them


still sitting on about 10 IF hradeckys – shall I just sell at this point?


Thanks! Also – do you keep random cards in your club (like ones gotten in MM packs, etc) or do you sell everything not in the first team?


Amazing, thanks. You think I should wait until Thursday evening/Friday to sell those too? Or since they’re not meta it shouldn’t matter much


hey chief! please when its the best time to sell neymar this week and when its the best time to buy scream aguero this week? thank you in advance

Jac Hughes

What rewards should I take in division rivals? And should I sell all my tradeable cards that aren’t in my first team? Cheers


Clearly coins are the best bet in terms of value. But opening packs is fun, and isn’t that the point of a game? Also it depends how you play the game if you don’t play and just try and get the highest coins like FUTchief then obviously coins is better, but if you’re gonna do loads of player sbcs and things then take untradeables (probably still worse value but fun and you have that chance of packing someone insane)

Jac Hughes

Cheers, much help 👍🏼


Any new sniping filters chief, none of the filters pop up consistant




Other than silver fullbacks, what else should we invest in right now?


how many coins have you made so far this fifa?


would i be able to do this without buying your premium or do your password protected posts make you a lot of money because i am thinking of buying?


Thumbs up for the honesty chief! I’ve made decent coins on the private posts (gone from 100k-500k in 2-3 weeks), and I have never invested in prior fifas. What I do is, I buy up 20-30 of the targets, and list them for 1000 coins more than what I bought them for, and then just relist until they sell. I just don’t have time to research the market myself, and having access to the private posts expands the potential targets to invest in, I think – which is worth it in my case.


Is there anything else to invest in for league SBCs ?


I got the OTW Pulisic for 19 and he’s going for 40 now with the new TOW card. Sell for double or hold on to OTW for as long as possible?


MM leaks?


What happened to the marquee leaks? That’s why I signed up….


Hi Chief,

I am struggling with this fifa, constantly getting outpaced by metas, most tackles end up being fouls, passes going oppossite directions, etc. I thought this would be better once I upgraded the team a bit butI am just not gettingto grips with the market this year, Flipping seems to be the way to go rather than totw but i have been doing this to a degree but still on very low coins. I suppose my question is, is there any tried and trusted way, and platers to avoid, any specific trends to look for to help with this?

I see people on youtube with 2-3 million coins and I just wonder how that is even possible. I understand that icon flipping is quite succesful but to get to the point of having enough coins to start with that?

I will continue to grind out flipping golds for now 😕

Thanks again.