Q & A Tuesday – Week 9

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hey chief,
any big players (500k-1.2mil) that you think will hold value for a while?



Hey chief this my team on Xbox (ignore scream insigne)who and when do you think I should sell

Thanks chief


Should I buy players because of the market crash? will prices go back up?


RTTF promo is patch 1 until 15 november and patch 2 until 18 november. In your video you said that the best time to buy is next weekend, but the promo has ended by then. Whats your take on this bases on your previous experience, will they rerelease all of them on the last day of promo? I’m looking to buy dembele and militao for my team but 700k and 430k on xbox sound a bit too much, since I only have about 1000k if I sell my scream ibra and hazard.

Niels Derksen

I have Griezman, lenglet, frenkie, alex sandro, what should u do? When are they going down in prices and when should u sell them or should i keep it? sorry for bad english


What methods can i trade with on companion app on a low budget chief


i own reus bernard and romagnoli(Scream) and i just bought mbappe. was that dumb and i should sell do you think his price stays about 1mill?

christian hilgenberg

do you think Ronaldinho (91) will rise or should i sell now?

Fredrik Forssman

Mitt råd christian er å selge for 220k

christian hilgenberg

I was thinking about december not this week


Should I sell my team now and buy back Friday?


How much points approximately to get rank 1 in division rivals?


Hey Chief – do you think we’re in uncharted territory in regards to the market this year or were there past fifas where similiar things happened (sharp declines of OOP promo cards, very low cost of high rated cards so early in the game).

I probably lost 150k coins just by having a team with an icon and some scream cards, but don’t really mind cause I’m happy with my squad but it seems like some players continue to hold value when everyone else is falling (St Juste who I regret I only invested in 4 or 5 when he was around 100k on PS4 for instance)


Should I sell romagnoli scream or hold



Are UCL cards like Lucas moura worth selling now? Or is it better to wait until the weekend


I bought an absurd amount of 83+ IF cards at discard price when RTTF promo dropped. They’ve all risen but wondering if you think I should hold for a promo that drives IF cards up. Sold some of the higher rated ones as soon as Willian SBC was released.


What do you reckon best time to but rttf cards is will they go down in price or up looking more at coman

Kyrie Irving

Any Timo Investments? Thanks for the help always bro

Kyrie irving



I have totw lewandowski what is best time to sell


Will Scream cards rise at all soon or is it worth it to take a ~20k loss on Bernard and invest elsewhere?

Aaron Rodrigues

Any tips or players to invest in for someone just starting trading?


Hey Chief! Have you noted any market trends around the idea of objectives & players being OOP for TOTW?

I’m thinking that maybe a player like Telles might rise (already 7k so in demand but OOP now & needed for Brazil obj) or maybe the popular UCL players in the TOTW picks?

It’s hard to come up with new investing strategies this time around & everybody is piling onto the few remaining ones which makes them less effective… Sigh


Cheers Chief!