Investment: Inter & AC Milan

Players:ย Cheap Inter and AC Milan Players

Reasoning:ย There is a good chance that Inter and AC Milan are featured in the Marquee Matchups on Thursday. This could cause an increase in their prices if they have strong requirements, just as we’ve seen recently with Atletico Madrid v. Real Madrid.

Target BUY: XBOX 700* PS4 700* PC 700*

*Keep in mind that golds quick sell for more than silvers/bronzes, so it is better to get them than the others.

Target SELL:ย Sell in the hype before the Thursday MM announcement at 6pm if you are happy with the profit. If not, hold in hopes they are required and rise.



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Kun Karam

Today is the day… I invested in 140 cards, hopefully we have the matchup this week and the price goes up too!

Cheers Cheif!

Kun Karam

We got Inter vs Milan matchup as expected, but Valero price did not increase at all unfortunately.
Shall we sell now or there is a chance of late rise tomorrow maybe?


Kun Karam

Cheers Chief. I sold them all at almost 0 loss, we go again to the next opportunity. Appreciate your input! Thanks