Investment: UCL Rares

Player:ย UCL Rares

Reasoning:ย If Champions League were happening, next week would begin the quarterfinals. EA have released throwback UEFA MM in the past, and I think there is a good chance they do it again.

Look to target rares from the top 5 leagues (Prem, Ligue 1, La Liga, BuLi, Serie A) if possible. There should be plenty of opportunities given the pack openings from FUT Bday 2 this weekend.

Target BUY: XBOX 900 PS4 900 PC 900

Target SELL:ย Sell on Tuesday or Wednesday when the Throwback UEFA MM SBC is released.



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How much do you think these cards will go up and what position should we buy?


i think usually Fullbacks go for the most as they usually have limited players in those positions


chief i am trying to get enough money to get kenny dalglish i have 600k and iโ€™m wondering how should i get money and who to invest in

Meknath Vidi

Is it worth looking at last year’s quarter final fixtures and then investing in players according to that?

Meknath Vidi

Brilliant Chief… I have invested in players from Chelsea, Liverpool, Barca, Juventus, PSG and Bayern… only CBs and Full backs… what would be your first opinion on this? Thanks

Nathan John

Is there any particular rating I should go for?


Hi chief
Who are the best players to invest in this week?
April 7th


should i invest in pl ucl


chief do you know when the ucl cards will hit their top price and when to sell them?


chief do you think i should sell baby van basten and get someone else and if so who?


What price we lookin to buy at