Investment: Moments Jarstein/Kruse

Players: Moments Jarstein and Moment Kruse

Reasoning: Jarstein and Kruse are the cheapest 85 rated TOTW/TOTW Moments cards. This past week, Pau Lopez rose nicely after going out of packs, and I anticipate more of the same for Kruse and Jarstein.

Even better, there is a chance we get a Prime Icon SBC on Friday. These have required TOTW/TOTW Moments cards in the past caused the TOTW fodder market to rise considerably (most recently in the case of Moments Miranda after the Mid Icon SBC was released on March 20th).

Target BUY: XBOX 20k PS4 20k PC 20k

Target SELL: Sell when you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investment opportunity. List for lazy buyer in the meantime.



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What do you think about investing in 85-rated players for the potential prime icon sbc?


is coutinho and isco good

Joshua Young



Onana 85 at around 5,500 for example?


What about Bonucci – good League, club and nation, 87 rated for SBC?

Van the man

How big is the chance there will be a prime icon sbc?

Joshua Young

Was there promo screens????


How long do you think it would take for the prime sbc to come?

Sam Arundel

How long do you think to hold kruse/ jarstein?


once they go out of packs then they’ll start to rise – and when they’re needed in an SBC they’ll rise even more


is it worth investing in 84/85 rated golds if the icon and fut bday sbc does come out?


Is 21750 still a reasonable price for jarstein given his current price?


buy him as cheap as posibble

Also Dane

Should we sell this investment because of the market drop that TOTS will bring now that the loading screen came in

Joshua Young

I ended buying 30 more now they’ve gone down to 19k 88 kruse/jarsteins haha Need a good sbc ASAP


Hi Chief,
I have noticed alot of the 84 TOTW IF’s have risen due to the De Gea SBC. 86 TOTW starting to rise now also due to other SBC’s such as Goretzka etc.. Do you think the 85 TOTW Jarstein and Kruse not accelerating the rise due current non perfect SBC’s required for them? I think I will still hold them as the TOTW upgrade may not supply market well. Thoughts?