Q & A Tuesday – Week 33

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Any good investment looks for the next week or so. I’ve got 500k and looking to make about 150k or so by the end of totssf. Any ideas?


What’s the schedule for the TOTSSF for the coming weeks. Thanks


Hey FutChief

Thanks for your work! Will definitely subscribe next month!

Firmino just dropped 10K on Ps4. Do u think he is still a good investment or will he drop even more?

The marked is weird.

Zeyad Elbaz

Should i sell atal shapeshifter and buy him when his price drops ? Or his price won’t drop


When to sell in form investments like mallo or javi Martinez?


Hi chief,

I made a bad investment, I have a lot of gold lukaku and higuain, do you think I have to sell them now at loss and invest elsewhere?


I have a bunch of Javi Martinez and a couple of Firminos, are they still a good investment, do I keep buying those 2 cards or look for other opportunities?


When should I buy EFL TOTS players? I don’t have many coins in my squad but want to try some of them out. Worried they may increase in price with the guaranteed SBC. This is in regards to the low end ones that are going for 15-25k

Sérgio Ferreira

Hey futchief! Did all the guys on the TOTSSF go OPP? 👍


I bought a lot of Minamino UCL at 19k, should I sell them or hold for longer?


I have a few ucl joe gomes cards hes up to 3500 right now(bought for 2500), do you think he will go up by anymore or should i sell now
Also i have other liverpool players bought for 1200, when do you suggest selling those

Parth goyal

Should I invest in musonda???
Please reply
I am getting over 79 musonda in 49k

Parth goyal

Where are your top buys???

Sérgio Ferreira

Hey again futchief!
I’ve earned a gold rare Icardi but he doesn’t fit any of my teams. Do you think I try to sell him and for how much, or to keep him?

Jorn Atsma

i bought 90 ucl Liverpool/Tottenham rare players and EA just dropped a Championgs league themed SBC, do u think EA will still release UCL MM this week even though they just dropped this SBC? And if not when should i sell my investments?


When would be a good time to buy 90 gullit and tots kalvin phillips thanks chief !


I’m unassigned on 84’s, bought them all for 1.7-2k, when do you reckon the optimal sell time will be? Cheers


Hi Chief!

I still have a bunch of TOTW Moments Kruse’s, Jarstein’s, and Javi Martinez’s sitting on my transfer list. Do you think it’s still a good idea to hold them (since TOTW Moments is being suspended) or should I just sell and cut my losses? I’m hearing about a TOTW Moments SBC soon which would obviously lower their prices…


I was able to pick up few Courtois TOTSSF under 80k on PS4. Good buy for flipping? Maybe sell it before community SBC later today? Thanks

Ishmam Nihal

when is the best time to get
*icon nedved 8
*fut birthday rodrigo sbc