Investment: TOTS Kroos

Player:ย TOTS Kroos

Reasoning:ย Last week there were several Real Madrid players featured in the La Liga TOTS. This week there are 10 Germans featured in the Bundesliga TOTS. Kroos is a perfect link to connect these players as people acquire them in their guaranteed TOTS SBCs packs and WL rewards.

Target BUY: XBOX 175k PS4 185k PC 215k

Target SELL: Sell on Thursday/Friday as people build their WL squads.



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Hi chief,

When to sell cheap TOTS?
Good idea to sell now and invest in Kroos?


Apologies for the stupid question. The target sell point is this Thursday/Friday (i.e. 21 or 22/5/2020)?


Hi Chief
Do you have a price i should List him on or should i just wait and see what the market says Thursday and Friday?


Hi chief, i do list my players for 15-20%+ that I invest at that price (E.g. Messi in past) but they donโ€™t seem to sell even after reducing the price each time? What would you recommend doing?

mad man19

He’s already up 10 k
Any other investments please to buy today and sell tomorrow

mad man19

Yes i am checking everyday your top buys and they are always above target price
I would appreciate if u have some more suggestions to help us


Hi Chief,
should i nvest in serie rare players and if so, for around how much?


Hi Chief. Do you think that a price to sell Kroos of 215k – 220k is reasonable or is too expensive?