Investment: Inform Albiol

Player:ย Inform Albiol

Position4/5CBs tend to perform well when OOP
Nation5/5Good Spanish links
League5/5Good La Liga links
Club3/5Few Villareal links
ROI Potential3/5Cheaper players tend to have better ROI
Cheapest4/5Is one of the cheapest 85 rated informs
Historical Trends5/5Performed well after going OOP for Batch 1
Overall Rating4.1/5

Target BUY: XBOX 14k PS4 14k PC 15k

Target SELL:ย Sell when you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investment opportunity. List for lazies in the meantime for ~ 20% more than the cheapest on the market.



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He wont be out of packs until after Friday, right? So is it worth buying him at rewards when he should be cheapest?? Cheers!

Leroy Sane

I recently bought 5 of him, when can I start selling them?


I can confirm that they do sell. Well I did manage to sell 1 for 19k. Maybe I should drop the price to 17k tho lol